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Real-Estate An interest only home loan is appealing because it offers borrowers to have a very low monthly payment. The payments are low because you are only paying the interest on the loan. You are not paying anything on the principal balance of your home. While an interest only home loan is a great option for some people, most of us will not find such a loan option to be productive or beneficial. This is because we want to be working towards owning our home, and that can only be ac.plished by paying off the principal balance in addition to the interest due. For some families struggling to pay their monthly mortgage payment, an interest only home loan may be the only way for them to get a low enough payment that they will not be foreclosed on. Generally, this option would be a short term loan due to an unexpected change in household in.e such as illness or the loss of a job. It would then be possible to obtain a regular mortgage loan after the in.e in the household has increased to a level that will allow for the repayment of a mortgage to be met. Those who make substantial amounts of money during parts of the year might choose to have an interest only mortgage because their in.e is so low during other parts of the year. Sales positions and other jobs that pay on .mission can lead employees into accepting interest only mortgage loans because the amount of their in.e is so inconsistent. Others who benefit from such loans are workers displaced by the job market who then take a new job at a lower salary as well as for divorced people who are left trying to meet household expenses on only one person’s in.e. If you do have to accept an interest only mortgage loan, it is in your best interest to only pay the minimum payment. Unlike most loans, paying additional amounts will not benefit you in any way. Instead, it is re.mended that you save up the extra funds. You can then specifically request for that amount to be applied to the principal due on your mortgage. This is a very smart way to take full advantage of the interest only loan payment while still earning some equity in your home. The appeal of the interest only home loans is the ability to have a much lower payment than any traditional loan. You will have to decide if the benefits of such a loan outweigh the cost of not building equity in your home. For each household, the decision depends on your in.e, household circumstances, and how disciplined you are with your finances. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: