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Automatic shutdown fault exposure battery iPhone short board is not limited to the 6S series of Beijing daily news (reporter Chen Wei) recently about the iPhone automatic shutdown of the triggering hot, many users said that encountered a similar situation in micro-blog, WeChat platform. Beijing Daily reporter in November 13th called the official apple repair point, the staff said that the current is mainly affected by the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S models is Plus, other models currently did not find a large number of cases. As for the cause of the problem, there is no definite news. With the cold weather, the apple mobile phone began to appear a lot of problems. Many users reflect, this time Apple’s own mobile phone battery in the remaining 20% or so when the automatic shutdown. In this regard, apple customer service staff also confirmed the existence of such a situation, and that the current problems can be an maintenance free during the warranty period, the warranty period, you must pay. As for the specific reason is not stated, but it said there may be many reasons, need to know the specific detection. However, the problem is not limited to iPhone 6S and Phone 6S Plus, the Beijing Daily reporter found in micro-blog, the product model from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S almost have occurred, mobile phone software also relates to iOS 9 and iOS 10 version. Industry analysts believe that the core issue should be focused on batteries. Apple mobile phone use lithium-ion batteries, usually in low temperature environment can accelerate the consumption of lithium ion battery, its temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius will stop working. If you do not deal with some of the technology in the battery, in the partial cold area there will be the problem.

iPhone自动关机故障曝电池短板 并不局限于6S系列  北京商报讯(记者 陈维)近期有关iPhone自动关机的情况引发网友热议,大量用户在微博、微信平台表示遭遇类似情况。北京商报记者11月13日致电苹果官方维修点,其工作人员表示目前主要受影响机型是iPhone 6S和iPhone 6s Plus,其他机型目前并没发现大量案例。至于问题原因,目前并没有确切消息。  伴随天气转冷,苹果手机也开始出现大量问题。众多网友反映,这段时间自己的苹果手机在电量还剩余20%左右时出现自动关机情况。对此,苹果售后工作人员也证实存在这种情况,并表示目前出现问题产品可以返场维修,在保修期内免费,在保修期外则要付费。至于具体原因则未说明,不过其表示原因可能有很多,需要具体检测之后才能知道。  不过,上述问题并不局限于iPhone 6S和Phone 6S Plus,北京商报记者在微博上发现,产品型号几乎从iPhone 5S到iPhone 6S都有发生,手机软件也涉及iOS 9、iOS 10等版本。  业内分析认为,核心问题应该集中在电池方面。苹果手机采用锂离子电池,通常在低温环境下耗电会加快,锂离子电池自身温度低于10摄氏度会停止工作。如果在电池方面不做一些技术处理,在偏寒冷地区多会出现该类问题。相关的主题文章: