Instead of criticizing the dialogue as a motley


Instead of criticizing a motley crew to open a dialogue at the end of nineteenth Century, as the French, the birth of a well known book "(The Crowd: A Study" a motley crew of of the Popular Mind), as well as a far-reaching case — the Dreyfus case, it is in this case, the writer Zola wrote the famous "I accuse". Many people read "a motley crew", there are a lot of people know that Dreyfus, but few people know that there is a close relation between the book and the case. More than and 100 years later, look back at this history, we can understand the network today to provide some ideas and inspiration. The "common" and the background of a motley crew Dreyfus is a huge change in late nineteenth Century the French society and turmoil: in 1870 the establishment of the Third Republic established (male citizens) universal suffrage, 1882 bank and stock market crash occurred in 1892 for collusion "scandal in Panama", the Franco German relationship is still tense, bomb attacks and assassination also occurred frequently. The whole society is shrouded in an unprecedented active atmosphere, but also on tenterhooks. People need to vent object for their anxiety and anger, nationalism, xenophobia, anti Semitism the rise in such a background, social emotions become impulsive and irritable. In September 1894, the French intelligence agency received a copy of the material. The material was written by an anonymous French Army man who claimed to provide secret military intelligence to germany. Soon, the artillery officer Alfred · Dreyfus become a key suspect, the most important reason is that he was a Jew, and his family came from a German region. In the absence of sufficient evidence, insisting that his innocence of Dreyfus was arrested and convicted. Author Zola has accused, is established in this racist unjust case. Compared with the prior to the special case of the unjust case, which is a broad participation of the whole society. The whole society has been torn apart into two camps: one is moral, emphasizing the rule of law and procedural justice; the other is moral and psychological. They have organized many group activities, make his position. In the case of the two years, as long as the French held a dinner, it is impossible not to talk about Dreyfus, and probably at the dinner table squabbling. To a great extent, Dreyfus triggered a collective mood is a microcosm of the French society at that time, the "Bon" is the reflection of a motley crew in this case as the representative of a series of events. He put forward the famous conclusion: "isolated individuals have the ability to control their own behavior." As long as people gathered around by a religious mood, loss of self consciousness, no judgment and critical spirit, into a motley crew. Tarde and social psychologist Bon during the same period, from the Dreyfus see different things. He believes that the reasons for the formation of the camp, to express their views, not because they have lost their sense of integration into the group, but because of the French society.相关的主题文章: