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Inexplicable to the shareholders of the company   registered capital of 1 million women Meng – Anhui Channel – original title: inexplicable to the registered capital of the company shareholders amounted to 1 million women Meng (Figure) recently, Haikou Mr. Du encountered a dilemma, the wife’s name more than a rather baffling advertising company, and the advertising company because the tax is abnormal, the relevant departments included in the blacklist, the wife originally intended to open the snack bar, because it has been delayed. In order to log out of the company, Mr. couple is really a headache, they visited the police station, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments, but the problem has failed to solve. Confused her name suddenly out of a company in 2013 July, Mr. Du’s wife Ms. Wei lost ID card. Subsequently, Ms. Wei returned to the Qiongzhong home go through ID, two months later, Ms. Wei received a new identity card. In May this year, she was going to open a snack bar, when everything is ready, Ms. Wei to apply for tax registration of the time window, the staff told Ms. Wei, an advertising company is registered in her name, Industrial and Commercial Bureau District of Longhua. Because the company did not pay taxes in a timely manner, tax anomalies, has been blacklisted, and therefore can not apply for the registration of ms.. Ms. Wei confused, she had never been registered in the advertising company, whether the company is how to take out of it? In order to help his wife to find out exactly what is the matter, Mr. Du came to Longhua District Trade and Industry Bureau, the staff suggested that it to the police station, or to the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry inquiries. However, the police said the matter is still looking for the business sector to solve. So Mr. Du and his wife came to the city of Haikou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, staff inquired Ms. Wei under the name of the advertising company, machine readable file registration information, the company name is Hainan Wang Dejin Advertising Co. Ltd., Ms. Wei is not only the legal representative of the company, or a shareholder of the company. Company address is located in Longhua District, Kun Kun North Road, No. 25, the registered capital of 1 million yuan, was established in September 2014. No company can not find a problem, cancel "must have been using my wife’s ID card to register a company." Mr. Du immediately went to the address where the advertising company, but could not find the so-called Hainan Wang Dejin advertising company, nearby residents who does not know this company. Mr Du had no choice but to seek help from the Haikou Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau, hoping to write off the company. Haikou trade and Industry Bureau staff said it would investigate and verify. Recently, Longhua District Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff contacted Mr. Du, said to the cancellation of the advertising company, to Ms. Wei I took the relevant information to the company for cancellation, can also go to court, or to do handwriting identification. Mr. Du is not willing to listen to, the company can not find where to information? Prosecution and identification are to spend money, a handwriting identification will be more than 2 thousand yuan, why the victims to bear? This is not reasonable!" Mr. Du said, some fraudulent use of someone else’s identity card to the registration of the company, the business sector should be responsible, but now that he and his wife to solve. (commissioning editor Ma Lingling and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章: