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India Telecom fraud Gang arrested 700 people, millions of Americans into swindlers – Shaanxi Channel – original title: India Telecom fraud Gang arrested 700 people, millions of Americans into the swindlers according to Xinhua News Agency India Mumbai police said 5 days, the night before the raid of the Communist Party of China arrested more than 700 people, allegedly disguised as a U.S. tax personnel telephone fraud the amount of money involved, probably tens of millions of dollars. Mumbai police on the evening of 4 received line newspaper, about 200 police officers searched 7 office places disguised as call center. The regional police spokesman said: "naacal sulcata? A total of 772 people were arrested, 70 of whom had arrested criminal record, no criminal record were released, but according to their investigation is underway." The police said the suspect was calling the US citizen and disguised as a member of the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, claiming that the other party was in arrears with taxes, and the bank could get the bank account information. After that, the suspect would withdraw money from his account. Nakal said the suspect has been engaged in such fraud for more than 1 years, and the daily average is about 10 million rupees (about 1 million yuan). India has a large number of relatively cheap, educated and English speaking workers. Since the beginning of this century, many foreign companies have set up user call centers here. (commissioning editor Deng Nan and Ren Lihong) 印度抓获700人电信诈骗团伙 日入百万专骗美国人–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:印度抓获700人电信诈骗团伙 日入百万专骗美国人   据新华社电印度孟买警方5日说,在前晚的搜查行动中共逮捕700多人,他们涉嫌伪装成美国税务人员进行电话诈骗,涉案金额可能高达数千万美元。   孟买警方4日晚接到线报,出动约200名警员搜查了7个被伪装成呼叫中心的办公场所。地区警察局发言人苏卡达?纳卡尔说:“共772人被捕,其中70人有被捕前科,无前科的人被释放,但针对他们的调查正在进行中。”   警方说,嫌疑人致电美国公民,伪装成美国国内税收署工作人员,声称对方拖欠税款,诱使其提供银行账号信息,之后嫌疑人便会从对方账号上取走钱款。纳卡尔说,嫌疑人从事此类诈骗活动已超过1年,日均入账约1000万卢比(约合100万人民币)。印度拥有大量相对廉价、受过教育、能讲英语的劳动力。本世纪初以来,许多外国公司将用户呼叫中心设立于此。 (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: