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"In the mood" fanatical confession letter men want Lu Yi in love – Sohu   entertainment; "in the mood"’s successful ending Sohu entertainment news last night, Oriental TV’s "in the mood" successful ending, three months time, Austria Hungary Czech Greece four "in the mood" tour, the audience deeply homes. The brothers express the way of the variety, the letter is bold confession Lu Yi: want to fall in love with him! Letter of confession Lu Yi: want to fall in love with him last night, ending 15 days journey together stay together morning and night brothers talk about Lu Yi, have handed him a good card "". Guo Degang also repeatedly praised: "the true feelings of the things is not hidden, (Lu Yi) is from the heart of the love of her child, is really a good man, I am willing to make friends with good people." The letter is in the end after recording bold confession: "want to fall in love with Lu Yi", "he is too cute, in addition to elegance, as well as persistence, respect for their own lives, is a real Shanghai people. Originally thought he was a very big artist, but in fact, people are very good, it is a rare encounter a good man, what is the solution?. People must be better than their own people, he is better than me." Lu Yi: I actually was a old style practice broadcast last night, "in the mood" in men, men of God who complete interview before the trip for the first time exposure, accustomed to travel together with family Lu Yi said: "the pure person to a strange environment, or with a bunch of new friends go out for travel. Probably there is no such experience for ten years, twenty years." Although it is the old man, in the program, was unanimously elected as the new leader of the team, a big show of hidden Russian skills, Maxivista brothers pack… Lu Yi warm… Good man image circle of countless powder. Not only that, he also often hang Bao Lei in the mouth, the program repeatedly identified "confession, and wife for a lifetime", attracted netizens joked: "this inadvertently spread out to the fierce dog food technology!" For the "tricks" tour, Lu Yi summed up a "old style practice", "a wife and children, for the sake of the family must be very depressed, but this time, convergence, is really open. I’m the real people, I fear? Outside interference to break the habit of my life, I can’t bear it. But after this trip, I did not regret being the program group ‘cheat’, very interesting."相关的主题文章: