In October 22nd Zengcheng Lexus up the opening ceremony


The opening ceremony in Zengcheng in October 22nd rose Lexus Car Buying stored 999 yuan arrived in Zengcheng or iPhone7 Lexus building image and exhibition facilities designed and constructed in accordance with five-star hotel standard, high standard, high demand, which lasted a year and a half, only to provide you with superior Car Buying environment, let you feel the Lexus "passionate pursuit of perfection" brand the culture and the concept of customer service. The whole shop covers car showrooms, repair shop, tea room, video room, book, Internet access, game room and other interactive entertainment and leisure area, can provide the most convenient service for you. October 22nd Zengcheng Zhongsheng Lexus opening ceremony Car Buying stored 999 yuan against iPhone7 Car Buying stored 999 yuan against iPhone7 Car Buying stored 999 yuan arrived iPhone7 important things to say 3 times (  scan two-dimensional code can directly apply  ); panic buying hotline 020-6626 6999   except iPhone 7 there are more rich programs………… Opening celebration hey hey hey! Qing     code; Fu   Li – multiple gift you get — into the store to store free gift: LEXUS luxury gift celebration: the highest 10 year extension Baoli 250 thousand km warranty and maintenance exclusive gift: on-site car free customer service million package financing ceremony: on the day of booking stage low super low interest rate to 2.66%, 0 "new left Yuan Li: any brand replacement subsidies of up to 10000 yuan, the high price of simple procedures (except RX LX) car: Car Free LEXUS luggage draw ceremony: massage chair, LCD TV, shaping machine, instrument and send all legs small series have been distinguished for the owner of the Lexus ready customer service service six Rites Ceremony: into the store to shop maintenance customers can obtain 200 yuan oil card gift coupons experience: free experience Zhongsheng group black technology power suit Hwan new ceremony: enjoy the painting at their own expense as low as 800 yuan a gift: since the time When the work is low to 40 percent off, send four wheel positioning for half off season gift: enjoy life in the car to 3E air purification formaldehyde free gift: 8 years to upgrade 200 thousand or to store renewal may participate in the ultimate draw iPhone7 (limited number) in October 22nd, we look forward to seeing you on our position [Baidu map search Guangzhou Zengcheng can lead to a rise in Lexus car].   contact us VIP:020-6626 6999 rescue hotline: 13808811299 reservation hotline: 18819468899 Guangzhou Zhongsheng Lexus Wyatt by all the staff sincerely welcome your arrival!相关的主题文章: