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"In July and she": the mirror of life — the Fujian channel — original title: two of the two flower flower mirror of life — the movie "in July and still" concept map "film in July and still". Adapted from the Qing Shan (formerly known as Anne baby) novel of the same name film "in July and she", tells the story of a soul mate growth story. In July alone, two girls personalities, met in the young, no words don’t talk. They are more bingdilian bestie, two, flower, is another self soul. The day after they embarked on two different roads, but whether it is July or quiet, the heart is full of them for another kind of life yearning. The film is designed It is quite common for youth film "shocking" Three: grab her boyfriend, and conceived bestie. It is rare that these settings have not been reduced to fancy gimmicks, but have left a profound brand for the growth of the characters. The use of each ring plot design, each element of the conflict is not oriented human and makes people tired of quarrel, instead, they tempted, their patience, their gaps, and their emotional outbursts have become a pair of youth, to grow, to friendship, to the essence of life, is to be honest the relative – mind – why growth means losing? This direct and prickle question may not be aimed at a boudoir standing on the opposite side, but it is in fact another self. So try it, if you grow up to me, if I became you, what would we be like. If the first half of the film or the real delicate realistic description of daily, then from the second half, in the quiet say "in fact that July book is my" started in July and still "exchange" life after the movie into multidimensional parallel narrative rhythm. This section is gorgeous and enjoyable, and also the climax of the movie. It is a creative design for the director and the screenwriter who has a strong sense of form on the basis of understanding the original works. The film gives three endings, with three kinds of possibilities of life to break the boundary of fiction and reality, and break the July image difference turn, closely the life and growth of this theme, like symphony climax, given a soaring, and Lyric passages. The film here, there is a fly in the narrative rhythm feeling, seems a bit gimmicky, but can understand this is a drama screenwriter and director in the exploration on the theme of self mining. It tries to describe the future with strong conflicts and reversals, describing the countless possibilities of a person’s life. You are in July, is quiet, there is a character of flying, also has a simple side with good children, do long to a rebel, floating in too long to return home. All the people, everyone is an unreplicable leaf, who is not complex? Who does not have a camouflage? The ultimate maturity of a man is to reconcile with himself. The film runs through the clue of a play in a play: a girl is writing the story of two girls. It reminds people of Zhu Tianwen’s sentence: "time is irreversible, life is irreversible, but when writing, all irreversible things are reversible." Finally, the film in the novels published on the Internet. In writing, also became quiet and live in July, two people have become self, and this story is also the fictional space creation of the completion of the process of life is full, the texture of life to improve. Therefore, the movie is not a youth movie in ordinary sense. It creates a broader interpretation of life beyond pure youth pain narration. People can not only see fine youth from daily life, but also see a person’s growing doubts and reconciliation, and see what these years’ life experiences take away from us and what they left behind. The most praiseworthy of this movie is that it engraved the appearance of youth into a poem of spiritual growth, for every brave man to face up to the real life he once had. (commissioning editor Shi Yunjuan and Zhang Zijian)

《七月与安生》:两生花的镜面人生–福建频道–人民网 原标题:两生花的镜面人生――电影《七月与安生》观后   图为电影《七月与安生》剧照。   改编自庆山(原名安妮宝贝)同名小说的电影《七月与安生》,讲述了一对灵魂伴侣的成长故事。七月与安生,两个女孩性格迥异,相识于年少,无话不谈。她们是闺蜜,更是并蒂莲、两生花,是灵魂深处的另一个自我。她们日后走上了两条截然不同的道路,然而不管是七月还是安生,内心深处的她们都对另一种人生充满向往。   影片设计了司空见惯的青春片“雷人”三招:抢男友、闺蜜反目和怀孕生子。难得的是,这些设置没有沦为花哨的噱头,反而为人物成长留下了深刻烙印。每一环剧情设计、每一种元素的运用,并非导向人为的冲突和让人心生厌烦的争吵,相反,她们的动心、她们的忍耐、她们的罅隙,乃至她们情绪的爆发都成为对青春、对成长、对情谊、对生命本质的叩问,是心灵的坦诚相对――为什么成长意味着失去?这般直接、刺痛的质问,或许并不是针对站在对面的闺蜜,它针对的其实是另一个自我。所以要去试试,如果你长成我,如果我变成你,我们会活成什么样子。   如果说影片前半段还是以细腻真切的写实日常描写为主,那么从后半段,在安生说出“其实写书的那个七月也是我”开始,在七月和安生“交换”了人生之后,影片进入多维度平行叙事的节奏中。这一段是华丽的写意,也是影片的高潮所在,是导演和编剧在理解原著的基础上对影片所做的形式感较强的创意设计。影片给出了三种结局,用人生的三种可能性打破虚构和真实的边界,打破七月与安生的形象差异性,紧扣生命与成长这个主题,如同交响乐的高潮,给出了一段飞升、洒脱的抒情段落。   影片走到这里,有一种在叙事节奏上飞起来的感觉,稍显得耍花枪,不过能够理解这是编剧和导演在开掘自我主题上的一种戏剧化挖掘。它试着用强烈的冲突和反转去描述未来的样子,描述一个人的人生有无数的可能性。你既是七月,也是安生,有性格飞扬的一面,也有安于素朴的一面,乖孩子做久了想叛逆一把,在外飘得太久了也想回归家庭。这芸芸众生,每个人都是一片不可复制的叶子,有谁不复杂?有谁没有伪装?一个人最终的成熟就是走向与自我的和解。   影片贯穿了一条戏中戏的线索:一个女孩在写两个女孩的故事。这让人想起作家朱天文的一句话:“时间是不可逆的,生命是不可逆的,然而书写的时候,一切不可逆者皆可逆。”最终,影片中在网络上发布小说的安生在书写时,同时活成了安生与七月,成为拥有两个自我的人,而这故事也在创作的虚构空间中完成了对生命过程的丰满,对生命质感的提升。   因此,这部电影不是一部普通意义上的青春片,它在单纯的青春疼痛叙述之外,创建了一个更广阔的阐释生命的维度。人们不仅能从中看到细腻的青春日常,更能看到一个人在成长中不断对自己的质疑与和解,看到这些年的生活经历从我们身上带走了什么,又留下了什么。本片最值得称赞的,正是它把青春的样子镌刻成一部心灵成长的诗篇,供每一个有勇气的人坦诚面对自己曾经有过的真实人生。 (责编:施云娟、张子剑)相关的主题文章: