In February 24th the Ministry of finance will issue 20 billion bonds bleep


In February 24th the Ministry of finance will issue 20 billion bonds of Sina Financial News website of the Ministry of Finance announced that, in order to raise financial funds to support national economic and social development, the Ministry of Finance decided to continue to issue interest bearing book entry in 2016 for the first time in February 24th (three) bond issuance (3 years), the total face value of 20 billion yuan coupon the interest rate of 2.55%. First, the issuing condition, the date of interest, the arrangement of payment, the coupon rate, the transaction and the trusteeship of the Treasury bonds issued by the same issue are the same as those issued before the same period. Starting from January 28, 2016 interest rate; coupon interest rate of 2.55%; annual interest payments, pay interest every year in January 28th, repay the principal in January 28, 2019 and pay the last interest. (1) quantity of issue. The total amount of competitive bidding face value is 20 billion yuan. (two) date arrangement. In February 24th, the same day treasury bonds issued before the end of the day were stopped trading; the bidding was completed until February 25th; the listed companies in the same period were consolidated with the previous treasury bonds issued on February 29th. (three) competitive bidding time. February 24, 2016 10:35 a.m. to 11:35 a.m.. (four) issuing fee. 0.05% of the face value of the underwriting. Two. Competitive bidding (1) bidding method. The mixed bidding method is used to mark the price. (two) limit of scale. Bid a change in the magnitude of 0.03 yuan, excluding the tender, the successful culling and every member of the underwriting syndicate bid difference were 80, 15 and 30 mark. Three, the issue of payment winning syndicate on February 25, 2016 (including February 25th), a money paid into the account designated by the Ministry of finance will be issued. The date of payment is subject to the receipt of the designated account of the Ministry of finance. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

财政部2月24日将发行200亿记账式国债   新浪财经讯 财政部网站发布公告称,为筹集财政资金,支持国民经济和社会事业发展,财政部决定将于2月24号第一次续发行2016年记账式附息(三期)国债(3年期),发行面值总额200亿元,票面利率2.55%。   一、发行条件   本次续发行国债的起息日、兑付安排、票面利率、交易及托管方式等与之前发行的同期国债相同。从2016年1月28日开始计息;票面利率2.55%;按年付息,每年1月28日支付利息,2019年1月28日偿还本金并支付最后一次利息。   (一)发行数量。竞争性招标面值总额200亿元,不进行甲类成员追加投标。   (二)日期安排。2月24日招标,之前发行的同期国债当日停止交易一天;招标结束至2月25日进行分销;2月29日起与之前发行的同期国债合并上市交易。   (三)竞争性招标时间。2016年2月24日上午10:35至11:35。   (四)发行手续费。承销面值的0.05%。   二、竞争性招标   (一)招标方式。采用混合式招标方式,标的为价格。   (二)标位限定。投标标位变动幅度为0.03元,投标剔除、中标剔除和每一承销团成员投标标位差分别为80个、15个和30个标位。   三、发行款缴纳   中标承销团成员于2016年2月25日前(含2月25日),将发行款一次缴入财政部指定账户。缴款日期以财政部指定账户收到款项为准。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: