If you choose to watch the zombie crisis broke out in the bodyguard who pioneer


If you choose to watch the zombie crisis broke out in the vanguard as bodyguards who recently South Korea recently hit zombie movie "Busan" for the theme of loss of scraper, get back to people’s vision, I can not help you if there is a hole in the brain, zombie how to protect yourself? Small as a "pioneer" and poisoning patients, how can the topic "watch" Pioneer had left a zombie, zombie outbreak if choose a watch pioneer hero to protect us, which would you choose a hero? Put some pictures of zombie films change the mood to look at these disgusting zombies, we would only meet their game player if the It’s politic to leave. If there is a watch pioneer hero as bodyguard so we can sleep without any anxiety, the pioneer in the watch so many heroes what suits to protect everyone at the end of life? Xiao Bian roughly divided into several categories, we can see that the hero is best suited to our bodyguards. The first class of heavy firepower this type of hero is generally has a very strong output capability, facing the hordes of zombies can bring them into a paste. With the help of favorable terrain, formed to protect us, to the surrounding formation of fire suppression can not be close to the dead. On behalf of the Heroes: fortress, 76 soldiers, Pharaoh eagle, mad rat fortress is undoubtedly strongest point firepower output in this game, even if the zombies come gathering in crowds and groups with strong output also can hold the fortress stronghold, the fortress also play when boring bird. 76 soldiers, although less than the fortress clearance capability but also can enhance the output, and grenade. Pharaoh eagle and mad rat bombing capability is very strong, very suitable for solving the hordes of zombies, chicken can also fly, emergency situations can also take us to fly. The second type of barrier protection such hero has a relatively strong protection ability, create barriers to help us escape the zombie and so on Monday, although the output ability is poor, but he can still help us to destroy a part of zombies. On behalf of the Heroes: Reinhardt, Winston, Mei Mei is making sledgehammer orangutan barrier, so he can stop the zombie invasion, or find some favorable terrain with barrier seal export, inside comfortable life. But hammer and Winston are melee, surrounded, orangutans can be transferred, a sledgehammer assault left you alone will run away, embarrassed. On the contrary, the United States and the mother can not take a cold bath, the transformation of the terrain, is a good choice. Third if you lose in class cure recovery during the outbreak you accidentally bitten by a zombie or infection, this time even in the strong fire hero can’t save you now need strong treatment staff to help you out to prevent the zombie infection. On behalf of the Heroes: angels, monk, Anna these heroes are cured in class skills, be a zombie infection, can help you get out of danger. But if they kill zombies or worse, try to hide in a safe place. Fourth kinds of pit B class of these heroes basically useless for everyone in the end of the zombie without too much help to survive, even a lot of time to hang out on our own, so as.相关的主题文章: