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Identify contradictions into Yixiu rock high over the Sohu entertainment Cheng Yi High sing rock Sohu entertainment news by Cheng Yi to join Julian Cheung Anita Yuen and his wife, Chen Jianbin loura attended the campus documentary reality show "the first grade graduation season?" is hit, the first after the broadcast, Cheng Yi for "strength and responsibility" the performance won rave reviews. In Saturday’s program, students ushered in the first screening, Cheng Yi again carry the captain of the task, continue to lead the companion day and night, looking forward to the audience with a perfect performance.     in the last week of the New Year party PK, Cheng Yi in the absence of teacher led, take up the whole rehearsal task, finally, a song "I have classes in the people’s Square eating fried chicken" votes to 15:14 win in. After the battle, the students also ushered in the season’s first screening test program. In order to allow players to quickly integrate into the rehearsal, teachers arranged a football game open up a fresh outlook. Cheng Yi for help singing ability weak players to regain confidence, we specially arranged with Wu Yitao pass, all the people gave him a chance to score in the students even take two classes; and another has not scored, Cheng Yi has repeatedly stressed the friendlies. This heart warming captain make friends address him: "Yizhen too warm, everywhere for the sake of others, as students Cobain captain, heart fashion are others." This week the screening exam, Cheng Yi and his song "swing" challenge together, face the same set of players out of tune, home, leave and other heavy pressure, Cheng Yi unruffled, side and teammates communicate intense rehearsals, while also for screening in the dangerous partner way. As a captain he, for each peer are dedicated, warm male temperament again. Finally, Cheng Yi and his perfect singing this song of classic rock songs with "swing", attracted the audience applause again and again, as in the teacher Chen Jianbin also pointed to the table Cobain students hailed the performance with everyone, with the music atmosphere can’t help to follow the beat and shake your body. Previously, because Yi plays Lin Jingyu in a large costume drama "Xian Xia Yun Zhi", invited the Golden Eagle Festival solo "Qingyun Zhi" theme song "floating" Zhu, singing skill and let the audience very surprise. This time the challenge of rock is once again meet the audience’s appetite, but also makes the netizens of such a multi-faceted Chengyi have more expectations.相关的主题文章: