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Hybrid technology Ultimate Secret common and TOYOTA similarities and differences? Auto – Sohu at present, the most efficient technology type PS (hybrid power split), mass production only TOYOTA and GM, TOYOTA THS in a single planetary row, dual motor drive system has been widely circulated, the information disclosure of GM is relatively small, many consumers do not understand. Today we talk about the difference between the top two hybrid technology products. The top martial arts master blows, there is no absolute victory, is relatively more. So is TOYOTA and general motors. Hybrid cars often say three core components: motor, battery and electric control, explore include: electric drive system structure, system integration, motor, battery, electronic control engine, etc., we can see from the core components of what the differences between the two. First, what is the difference between THSIII and VoltecII? From the generation of speaking, many people have released THS known as the third generation of products, also known as the fourth generation, the general Voltec official called the second generation, in fact, in the North called the third generation, mainly depends on how to understand from the perspective of products. TOYOTA’s third generation THS and GM second generation Voltec are deeply integrated mechatronic products, electromechanical system integration from speaking, the two are very good, the electrical driving system and engine are integrated together, is currently the most enterprises unmatched in the hybrid technology. The third generation TOYOTA Prius powertrain but contrast down, two have obvious difference. General Lacrosse hybrid vehicle equipped with the second generation powertrain, the motor controller and electric driving unit depth integrated together, which is able to do this technology as well as Tesla Model S, TOYOTA or leave. Universal hybrid LaCrosse second generation powertrain Tesla Model S electric drive system (motor controller and motor integrated with electric drive) technology is one of the five Tesla propaganda as the core technology, deep integration can cancel the motor controller to three motor wire harness and plug head, enhance the security of the high pressure system, reduce the cost. However, this part of the need to have enough KnowHow in the controller hardware (can be understood as expertise), avoid the Powertrain vibration resulting in damage to the device, TOYOTA may because the technology is relatively old, this integration than general. Second. What is the difference between THSIII and Voltec? The essential meaning of PS (power split) technology is to realize the decoupling of torque and speed, which can realize speed regulation and torque regulation, and the product of torque and rotational speed is power. Planet row and PS marriage is a heaven-made match, because the planet itself has three degrees of freedom, such as TOYOTA THS, decoupling controlled by double motor and engine, realize the power split. TOYOTA electric drive system structure diagram of the first generation of THS products in the year, many car companies have more years of hatred.相关的主题文章: