Hunan, a University of Nursing Department of medicine ushered in the first batch of boys (video) ca1477


Hunan Medical University Department of nursing students ushered in the first original title: University 4 "male nurse" in September 18th, Hunan School of Medicine Department of nursing professional recruit 4 boys. Intern reporter Yang Xu ran Jianjin Changsha newspaper news Hunan a College Department of medicine nursing professional men and women have Jian Zhao 3 years. September 18th, the profession finally came to the first boys. The nursing profession in the 55 freshmen, a total of 4 boys, namely Li Cong, Yang Zhangchi, and the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and China, respectively, the number of boys and girls in the school, a total of boys, namely, respectively, and then, for example, he, Zhang Zhengqian, and. Hunan Normal University medical college party secretary Xie Luogeng said that the 4 freshmen are all from Hunan, including 3 people from rural areas, choose this major when they basically are valued in the professional employment prospects. "My first voluntary report is this, the employment prospects are better." From Yueyang Li Cong of Linxiang, is one of the 4 "male nurse", the 18 year old looked tall, with "nurse" two words don’t seem too detached. Yang Zhangchi, from Zhangjiajie, said he chose nursing primarily because of interest. He said that from the beginning of the nursing profession, his father also felt that the professional employment prospects. Before the college entrance examination, Zhang learned from Huaihua, Xupu, that the employment prospects of good nursing, so decided to read the professional. "But I do not recommend to my teacher, he asked me to read, others are unlikely to support." Zhang Zhengqian said that the 4 person, he chose the professional resistance is the biggest. "I know there are fewer boys in nursing, but I don’t think so." Li Shengyu is from Yueyang, Miluo, he likes to play basketball, while the other 3 boys will not play, or very disappointed, a group are not a team". "When the nurse is very careful, they have the next 4 years of training certainly no problem." The new coach Zhang Mingming medicine, Shuda College of Hunan Normal University said that the future of male nurses will generally be assigned to the ICU or psychiatric needs certain physical these places, 4 guys as long as professional, robust and strong, certainly qualified for this job. Zhang Mingming said that at present, the hospital in Changsha are urgently short of male nurses, the 4 boys after graduation, if you can enter the top three hospitals, a few years after the annual salary of one hundred thousand is not much problem. Zhang Mingming said that the next 4 years, these 4 male nurses will be at least half of the learning time for clinical practice and experimental operation. Reporter Fan Intern Jiang Manjiao interpretation of the current employment environment spawned more male nurses, according to the National Health Planning Commission statistics, as of the end of 2015, the total number of registered nurses in China reached 3 million 241 thousand. Although the total number of registered nurses rose year after year, but male nurses have been scarce. Xie Luogeng said that the country has a lot of medical institutions to recruit male nurses, from the beginning of 2014, the tree up to college on the relaxation of the conditions of enrollment in nursing professional enrollment, implementation of "gender" Arts and Jian Zhao Jian Zhao "". However, in the past two years, there has been no male nursing specialty. "Do care to be careful, be patient, for example, to find a vein injection, to jingxiaxinlai." Xie Luogeng said that from a physiological basis, the girls are more suitable for nurses, coupled with the impact of traditional ideas, resulting in fewer boys choose to be a nurse. Xie lo相关的主题文章: