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Today the price of gold bulls covering the gap will be how to run the gold investment network news February 24th, on a trading day the price of gold opened at the 1208 position, the stock market fell and sustained ETF buying support, the entire trading days rebounded by more than 1%, the last trading day to recover lost ground, the US multi trays full of momentum, constantly refresh intraday high of $1232.50, the highest on the probe to the position. Fundamental analysis of early Thursday Asia time, the Australian real estate market opened the prelude and wage data, investors pay close attention, this time the news data is still scarce, we continue to pay attention to China’s market situation, because our country has an important influence in Asia, changes in China’s economic level is always pulling the market risk aversion the nose, guides the speculative capital flows. The European market ushered in the first period, the French consumer confidence index, investors can browse a mortgage, next to UK investors to focus on data. The recent market worries about Britain’s retreat from Europe are getting worse. Under pressure, what is the economic performance of the United Kingdom? It is worth looking forward to. The European Union will then hand over an economic report that aims to assess recent economic activity in the eurozone. During the New York period, the release of US data will accelerate the liquidity of the market, in which the update of new home sales data is the most important, investors cover the purse well, ready to receive the happy trading of this period. On the eve of the next zero, the United States will also publish EIA crude oil inventory data, which may cause short-term fluctuations in oil prices, investors trading crude oil must be launched into another round of fighting. Technical analysis has become Senji support, gold price shocks repeatedly on this, Monday is very weak after the fall, the price of gold rose again Bikong yesterday, the price will be pulled up to the 1230 area, mean daily closing, and swallowed down Monday. The question is that the international price of gold daily circulation of yin and yang to go, is there a guiding role of direction, in other words the daily Monday after Tuesday fell Bikong up, who can guarantee that rose yesterday, today will also fall back? By the two day of the market, the international price of gold is entirely possible in such a way, the reason is yesterday although Bikong increased, but the intensity is not good, and then after overnight rose to 1230, the basic short-term exhaustive. International gold prices to prevent market fell today, so to remind you to pay attention to, don’t go Sike direction, daily volatility, may have no direction! Comprehensive assessment of spot gold daily retracement does not fall below 1220, then bullish attitude, resistance on the 1234 stations today have the opportunity to see more than 1240 positions. Spot gold in full accordance with the prediction of two go large M head, successfully obtained the first wave of profit yesterday, today pay special attention to 1540 near the shoulder line once broken bits, the market will fall near the target =1540 – (1660 nearby -1540) near =1420. The current gold spot overall recommendations within the range of $1190-1240 exercise

今日黄金价格多头回补缺口后将如何运行   金投网2月24日讯,上一交易日黄金价格开盘于1208位置,在股市下跌和持续的ETF买盘支撑下,整个交易日内反弹幅度超过1%,收复上上一交易日失地,其中美盘盘中多头动能十足,不断刷新日内高点,最高上探至1232.50美元位置。   基本面分析   周四亚洲时段,早盘澳大利亚的房地产和工资数据揭开市场的序幕,投资者稍加留心,本时段消息面数据依然稀少,大家继续留意我国市场的情况,由于我国在亚洲具有举足轻重的影响,我国经济层面的变化总是牵引着市场风险厌恶情绪的牛鼻,指导着投机资金的流向。   欧洲时段,市场首先迎来法国的消费者信心指数,投资者略作浏览即可,接下来英国的房贷数据提请投资者重点关注。   近期市场关于英国退欧的担忧愈演愈烈,压力重重之下,英国的经济数据究竟表现如何,值得期待。随后欧盟将交出一份经济报告,报告内容旨在对近期欧元区各国的经济活动进行评估。   纽约时段,美国数据的陆续发布将加速市场的流动性,其中新屋销售数据的更新是重中之重,投资者捂好钱袋,准备领取本时段的快乐交易。   翌日零点前夕,美国还将公布EIA原油库存数据,可能造成油价的短线波动,交易原油的投资者必须打起精神投入又一轮搏击。  技术面分析      千二已经成为支撑,黄金价格在这之上反复震荡,周一出现极弱下跌之后,昨天黄金价格逼空上升,再度将价格拉升到1230一带,意味着日线收好,并且吞没周一下跌。   现在面临的问题是,日线国际金价这样阴阳循环的去走,对方向来说是不是有指引作用,换句话说周一日线下跌之后周二逼空上升,谁能保证昨天涨了,今天会不会又跌回去?   通过这两天的行情来看,国际黄金价格完全有可能这样走,理由是昨天虽然逼空上升,但力度也不怎么样,再经过隔夜的上升到达1230之后,短线多头基本力竭。   今天国际黄金价格要防行情回落,所以提醒大家要注意,不要死磕方向,日线再走震荡,可能没有方向!  综合研判   现货金日内回撤不跌破1220那么就是看涨态度,阻力1234站上今天有机会看到1240以上位置。   现货黄金完全按照预测走二小大型M头,昨日成功获取第一波利润,今日特别关注1540附近肩线位一旦破位,行情即将下跌目标=1540附近-(1660附近-1540附近)=1420附近。   当前黄金现货整体建议在1190-1240美元内区间操作,周三亚市盘初建议日内交易者利用金价跌向1222-1217美元的机会轻仓逢低做多,目标看1230-35美元,止损设1214美元下方。   今日金价操作策略:   1、今日黄金价格下方如见1212-1210一线做多,止损四点,目标上看1218-1220一线。   2、今天金价上方如突破1232,回踩1230附近做多,止损1226,目标上看1236-1238一线。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: