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So you have already installed Google Analytics onto your site and been looking through all the exciting data, which includes lots of visitors to your site. But wait, how many of those hits are you or your fellow colleagues? If half your weekly visits are just you, then your analytics data is going to become null and void. Do you check your website often? Do you go to your site to reference certain information regularly? Have you set your site as your homepage? If you have answered yes to one or more of those questions then you need to know that Google Analytics is logging all of those hits, which means youre just cheating yourself out of relevant and useful data. Including all your own visits is useless, you really want to see how many potential customers are looking at your site and what they are doing on it. To stop Google from logging all YOUR activity on YOUR site you need to set up Filters in Google Analytics using your IP address, to do so, follow these simple steps How to Set Up Filters in Google Analytics: Go to Google Analytics, log in and click on your site. Click Analytics Settings in the top left corner of the page. Click Filter Manager at the bottom right, underneath the Website Profiles box. You will arrive at the Filter Manager page which lists all your filters (if you have any) Before we go any further, you need to find out what your IP address is, the easiest way to do this is by going to this site – ..ipchicken../ Make a note of your IP address and any other IP addresses of your colleagues .puters around you. If you are on the same internet network, your IP address will probably be the same. Next, click on Add Filter which is in the top right of the Existing Filters box. You will be presented with a simple form to fill out, enter the following information 1.Filter Name This is up to you, something like Exclude my PC 2.Filter Type Make sure that Predefined Filter is highlighted 3.From the dropdown boxes you want to select Exclude Traffic from the IP addresses That are equal to 4.Then enter your IP address in the box provided 5.Select all the sites you want to add to the filter from the Available Website Profiles box and click Add. 6.Click on Save Changes and your filter is .plete. The Virtual Training System: Redefining The Concept Of Training By: Rosario Berry – Most organizations and employers have the responsibility of training their employees or personnel to ensure that their organizations processes and functions can move s … Tags: Courses In Management, Project Management, And Customer Service Training By: Peak Performance – I hope that this article will give you the right direction and know-how of managerial courses that can bring success and appreciation in your life. You can know many m … Tags: 3 Reasons Your Bd Team Needs A .munication & Selling Training By: sridharan sharma – You run a .pany. You founded it and worked day in and day to make it what it is today. Even today you work harder than your staff. You have no particular issues with … Tags: Effectiveness Of Team Work And Development Courses By: Peak Performance – Some organizations give importance to many issues like work period, lateness and moral than others. These are some critical points that should list on the top while a … Tags: How To Select A Training .pany (you Need Just 4 Tips)? By: sridharan sharma – Your people are your asset. And you heavily invest in them. Lately, you’ve been thinking about introducing a corporate skill training program to up skill your people s … Tags: 5 Parts Of A Powerful Training Program For Call Center Employees By: sridharan sharma – You represent a tele. .pany. And you want to expand aggressively in the .ing years. But, you feel that your people at your call centers somewhere lack in skills, … Tags: Why Vocational Education In Africa Has To Be Engaging And Rewarding? By: sridharan sharma – In our previous articles, we have spoken a lot about the vocational education landscape in Africa, why it needs an upgrade, and why Africa cannot do without a skilled … Tags: How Introvert And Extrovert Traits Are Expressed In The Workplace By: sinuse – You may already know all about the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’, and the associated stereotypes that can arise – the former as unsocial, secretive and aloof, the … Tags: 9 Tips To Improve Your Negotiation Skills By: sridharan sharma – We wont take much of your time blabbering about the importance of negotiation skills and why they matter to you. You know it already, right? So, without taking any … Tags: Retired Stoke Pipefitter Is Another Tragic Loss To Asbestos By: sinuse – Unquestionably one of the greatest tragedies of asbestos is the fact that exposure can so often occur .pletely unbeknown to a victim who then only experiences the le … Tags: 相关的主题文章: