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Internet-and-Business-Online Driving unique visitor to your blog is sometimes hard to do, but when they do stop by what are you doing to build relationships and ultimately responsive customers? If you are seeing some traffic now, you will like this article, as we explore a few tips to help drive customer sales. Most internet marketers realize that having a blog or website is important to building a successful business online. It’s the place where products and tools are offered, advice is shared and connections with the people who needs them are made. Is it difficult to find these folks who need what you have to offer? Sometimes it can be, but the key to increasing sales right away is to take care of the traffic that is already finding their way to you. Tip #1, develop your site with Purpose. Whatever your marketing discipline you should have a Purpose that directs the content, banners, links, categories, widgets or whatever is displayed on your site. When people find YOU, do they see one big ad, or do they perceive value by how your site fits together? Let’s say you are an Affiliate Marketer and you have a banner display that promotes a program or product somewhere on your site. The purpose of that banner, from your perspective, may be to add income to your bottom line, but if that banner display doesn’t match your overall theme, if that banner product is not interwoven within your content, page titles or links, then your visitors may see that as just another advertisement and be turned off. Tip #2, write with Passion: Your passion in your writing is what keeps visitors staying longer on your site. Yes, what you write about, how you spell or misspell words and the overall flow makes a difference but to really draw someone in and keep them coming back for more, you have to relate with that person on a different level. If your words are not pulling your readers in, it might be a reason that returning visitors are down, comments are only left once in a while and your RSS readership hasn’t reached the level you are seeking. You can see and feel passion, even in your words, if you master this you will see a new level of connection with your visitors. Tip #3, Relationships are built through Persistence: Building a responsive customer base takes time and effort. If you are using blogs to build your online business, post consistently, even if your time only allows once a week. With blogging, many times unique and returning visitors like to leave comments. The best way to connect with them is to leave a comment back to theirs. In many cases, they will leave their email or even web address so take it one step further and send them a personal email, thanking them for their time and comment. Persistence means that the little things make big differences when building relationships with your visitors, unique or returning. Those visitors might someday be business partners, responsive customers or life long friends, but first you have to develop those relationships. Passion-Purpose-Persistence, develop your marketing plan with these three philosophies and watch your unique visitors turn into responsive customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: