How Do I Package My Freight, If They Transport It On A Rainy Day-roxane hayward


UnCategorized One of the great inconveniences of life is inclement weather, and it’s the same for the shipping industry as anywhere else. New Jersey delivery service lives with, and works in, rain, snow, sleet and all kinds of weather and because we’re 24/7/365, we even deal with the gloom of night! But there are a few things you can do on our end (the end that’s wrapping the packages) to ensure that your products stay safe and dry. First, make sure you are using regulation packaging, cardboard boxes that are tested and approved for the weight they’re designed to carry. Remember, you’re going to be adding to that weight with insulation. There’s nothing more distressing than a used and cheap box tied with string and falling apart in the delivery van, or even in the warehouse before. Needless to say, that kind of box doesn’t stay waterproof. Next, you should insulate your box with bundles of paper wrap, excelsior, or those cool colored "peanuts" that any delivery service will offer you. Once your product or item is securely nestled in the wrappings, seal the box at every corner with clear adhesive packing tape. Your object is to create a safe and secure clear wrapped object for mailing; no, you don’t have to wrap the tape around every inch of it, but do cover the label, the edges and all the seams. Your product should stay pretty close to dry all the time inside. If you really want to be sure, invest in a smaller box, put your item for shipping in the smaller box and then into the larger box, like those Russian nesting dolls. You can then insulate the box just as you would the item, and wrap the larger outer box. Make sure you put an address label on the smaller box, just in case something should happen to the larger one and the address is soaked off in the New Jersey tempest. Of course, all this is for your peace of mind. We’re true professionals in the shipping business, and there is very little chance of your box being exposed to the elements while in our hands. (Of course, if we have to leave it in a safe hiding place because you weren’t home to receive it, it may pick up a little moisture there. That’s why New Jersey delivery puts the precautions there in the first place). So keep it dry and safe and ignore the rain! Only frogs and Gene Kelly want it around anyway. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: