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How autumn maintenance Ziyin lungs — Shaanxi Channel – original title: Autumn maintenance to Yin Runfei dry autumn weather, the body mass loss of water. It is estimated that the daily evaporation of water in the human body is about 600 ml or more, not less than the amount of water exhaled from the nasal cavity of 300 ml. To make up for these losses in a timely manner, the autumn at least 500 times more than the other seasons to drink more water, in order to maintain normal lung and respiratory tract humidity. Eating porridge nourishing food in autumn, three meals a day should be to YangYinShengJin goods, such as sesame, honey, pear, lotus seeds, white fungus, carrots, grapes, vegetables and other soft foods, eat less spicy hot of the goods, if necessary, take supplements, but should make clear, not big. The following ones worth a try: – Tremella porridge Tremella 5 grams, add rice foaming 50 ~ 100 grams Tongzhu Amoy net. Then the amount of honey, mix well. The lotus porridge lotus 10 grams of washed chopped, 50 grams of cooked rice. After cooking can add honey. The rice porridge yam yam 100 grams, 50 grams of rice. Yam wash cuts, rice Amoy net porridge, 2 times a day. The jujube tremella soup Tremella bubble, add jujube 10 pieces, add amount of boiled for one or two hours, and then transferred to the white sugar or sugar consumption. Autumn dryness moistening ointment is filled, old habits easy to relapse, the most common is cough and diarrhea. At this point, targeted to take traditional Chinese medicine has a preventive effect. Weilingxian pill clematis, mint 60 grams, 20 grams of Acacia, at the end of the research of water for daily use to take pills, ginger 3 ~ 5 grams, mainly for recurrent cough. Astragalus paste Astragalus 100 grams, water decoction for the first time, filtered to the residue, and then a small fire suffering, concentrated into paste, add honey, 500 grams, daily service for 2 times, each time 1 spoons, 3 spoons. For the deficiency of spontaneous sweating, limb weakness phlegm cough asthenia. Often Xiaoxuan lung smile can promote the body organs health, especially good for lung. Laugh when the chest stretch, thoracic expansion, vital capacity increased. Can eliminate fatigue, dispel depression, relieve chest tightness, restore physical strength. Research shows that: – relaxed smile heartfelt smile, can make the lung to spread the whole body, face, chest and limbs muscles relax. In addition, the cloth can also make the liver qi and to maintain emotional stability. – knowing smile from the heart, smile and silent, the decline in kidney qi and lung qi is received kidney function. The laugh of germinal lung, the pulmonary inhaled enough? Quot; gas ", exhaled gases, accelerate blood circulation, to achieve the purpose of heart lung blood to reconcile the. Exercise is the best way to strengthen lung health is physical exercise, such as walking, gymnastics, qigong, qigong is particularly advantageous. The main autumn collection, so as to better static. Two hours – absorption work after dinner, select the outdoor fresh air and land, to walk slowly for 10 minutes, and then stood in the face of the moon, bipod and shoulder level, two hands are overlapped, palms up, put in the navel 3 cm, binocular head, body relax, breathe in two milk. Abdomen)相关的主题文章: