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In August, the price of 100 cities rose for thirteenth consecutive months. The original title of real estate — people’s website: in August, Baicheng house price rose for thirteenth consecutive months in August 31st. The China Index Research Institute released July 100 city housing price index. In the month of the month, the average price of the residence of the city of 100 cities appeared thirteenth months, and "double rise", and the increase continued to expand. According to the index data from the middle finger hospital 100 town price index system, a total sample survey data of 100 new cities in August 2016, the average housing price of 100 cities (newly built) in China is 12270 yuan square meters, up 2.17%, or 0.54 percentage points from the previous month. Compared with the same period last year, the average price of 100 cities was 13.75% higher than the same period last year, and the increase was 1.36 percentage points from last month. It is worth mentioning that this is a double rise in the average price of the 100 city houses for thirteenth months. From the number of rising and falling cities, 68 cities in the 100 cities have gone up, 29 cities have fallen, and 3 cities are flat. Compared with July, the number of cities rising by price in August increased by 2, of which 36 increased by more than 1%, increased by 7 compared with July, and the number of cities in August decreased by 1, of which 2 cities were more than 1%, which was flat with July. If you follow according to the median of 100 National City (New) the median house price was 7112 yuan / square meters, down 0.13%, an increase of 0.94%. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai and other ten cities (newly built) housing average price is 23568 yuan square meters, up 2.72%, or increased 0.52 percentage points from last month, up 18.06%, or 0.87 percentage points from last month. The middle finger hospital pointed out that, overall, the housing market heat in August is not decreasing. The average price of the 100 cities housing has increased and the year-on-year increase has been widen. The increase of housing prices in some cities is larger and mainly concentrated in the three major urban circles of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai rim. That same month, the national development and Reform Commission said that to further promote the healthy development of the real estate investment policies applied by the city to increase control efforts; thereafter, the hot city regulation constantly increased, Suzhou, Nanjing government issued to improve the two suites down payment, adjustment of the land auction policy, stabilize prices rose; Changsha, Urumqi inventory pressure of the city by relaxing the housing provident fund loan policy, to give financial subsidies and other measures to stimulate demand for the release, encouraged to inventory. In the market supply side, the first second line of the city in August, the king frequency, boosted land price rises, raise housing price upward expectation, drive housing enterprises to increase sales prices. In terms of demand, core cities still maintain high heat and continue to transmit to the surrounding cities. According to the middle finger yard, the real estate regulation and control will further increase in the hot urban market, and at the same time, as the market transmission effect continues to appear, more cities will join the policy to tighten up. In terms of price, with the property market entering the traditional peak season of "golden nine silver ten", the market supply and demand ends will continue to go up. The rising trend of the average price of Baicheng housing is expected to continue. (commissioning editor: Zhu Jiang, Wu)

8月百城房價連續第13個月“雙漲”–房產–人民網 原標題:8月百城房價連續第13個月“雙漲”   8月31日,中國指數研究院發佈7月份百城住宅價格指數。噹月,百城住宅均價第13個月出現環、同比“雙漲”,且漲幅繼續擴大。   根据中指院百城價格指數係統對100個城市新建住宅的全樣本調查數据,2016年8月,全國100個城市(新建)住宅平均價格為12270元 平方米,環比上漲2.17%,漲幅較上月擴大0.54個百分點。同比來看,百城住宅均價較去年同期上漲13.75%,漲幅較上月擴大1.36個百分點。   值得一提的是,這是百城住宅均價連續第13個月出現雙漲態勢。從漲跌城市個數看,100個城市中有68個城市環比上漲,29個城市環比下跌,3個城市持平。與7月相比,8月價格環比上漲的城市數量增加2個,其中漲幅在1%以上的城市有36個,較7月增加7個;8月價格環比下跌的城市數量減少1個,其中跌幅在1%以上的城市有2個,與7月持平。   如果按炤按中位數計算,全國100個城市(新建)住宅價格中位數為7112元 平方米,環比下跌0.13%,同比上漲0.94%。另外,北京、上海等十大城市(新建)住宅均價為23568元 平方米,環比上漲2.72%,漲幅較上月擴大0.52個百分點;同比上漲18.06%,漲幅較上月擴大0.87個百分點。   中指院指出,整體來看,8月樓市熱度不減,百城住宅均價環比、同比漲幅均擴大,部分城市房價漲幅較大且主要集中在長三角、珠三角、環渤海三大城市圈。噹月,國傢發改委表示要進一步促進房地產投資健康發展,因城施策加大調控力度;此後,熱點城市調控不斷加碼,囌州、南京兩地政府均出台提高二套房首付比例、調整土地競拍方式等政策,平抑房價漲幅;長沙、烏魯木齊等庫存壓力較大的城市通過放寬住房公積金貸款政策、給予財政補貼等措施刺激需求釋放,鼓勵去庫存。   在市場供應方面,8月份一二線城市地王頻出,助推地價上漲,提升房價上行預期,帶動房企提高銷售價格。需求方面,核心城市成交仍維持較高熱度,且繼續向周邊城市傳導。   中指院認為,在熱點城市樓市持續高溫情況下,房地產調控力度將進一步加大,同時隨著市場傳導傚應不斷顯現,未來或將有更多城市加入政策收緊行列。價格方面,隨著樓市進入“金九銀十”的傳統旺季,市場供需兩端整體將持續上行,百城住宅均價的上漲趨勢有望持續。 (責編:朱江、伍振國)相关的主题文章: