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Her husband did not give the woman to buy a iPhone7 after the police said: I was imprisoned – China has used the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S also bought a month, and now want to change…… Husband not to buy iPhone 7 police woman: I imprisoned the newspaper news (reporter Tan Yao) Wansheng red (a pseudonym) the day before yesterday afternoon, police said he was imprisoned in the husband’s home, after the alarm police rushed to the incident, it was informed that the original is to let his wife husband buy iPhone 7 failed to trouble report the police. Woman said her husband was imprisoned, I was imprisoned by her husband, you come to rescue me." The day before yesterday afternoon 4:50, a woman to the Wansheng police for help. The woman said on the phone, because she and her husband had a heated argument, would like to go out to avoid, to avoid intensification of the conflict, but her husband was imprisoned at home, do not let it leave. "Where is your location? We’re downstairs." Police quickly arrived at the police downstairs. After calling the police, the man who answered the phone was her husband. The other said his wife did not have a problem, just because of trivial conflicts couple. Pick up the child lost the child, her husband did not buy, I did not expect you so fast, after the alarm my phone was taken away by the child, and later her husband answered the phone." The police saw red, to confirm its safety, the red is surprised by the police rushed to the. The police wanted to know what was going on, but Alice told just the couple quarrel, she wanted to go out, her husband was stuck in the door to let her go, she was imprisoned by his alarm. She knew the day of online shopping, pick up a child after school can get lost, but also want to buy iPhone7!" Husband Liu said his wife red a few days ago on the Internet only to see the value of the iPhone7. That there have been friends around the order, and her husband will discuss red also want to buy a". But on the same day, little red pick up the child after school, but the child was lost, and finally the child to return home, the couple will quarrel. The husband said not to buy her iPhone7, two people quarrel, want to go out to relax by her husband stopped, this alarm. 3 months ago, just bought iPhone 6S said that she likes to use Apple’s mobile phone, starting from iPhone, has bought the first generation of Apple phone 5. Liu said that in July this year, his wife had just bought a iPhone 6S. Recently, his wife and colleagues have been around to see the order of iPhone 7, her monthly salary of only more than 1000 yuan, they will discuss her husband to buy her a. Mobilization for a few days, her husband finally agreed, which know that the day after the child out of the accident, the husband and wife after the couple did not buy a new cell phone. Little red introduction, her husband’s salary is five thousand or six thousand, her daily life like online shopping, more than a month to spend a few thousand dollars, the couple often because of consumer disputes. Finally, the police appealed to the red couple, and because of the red.相关的主题文章: