Henan college students are under the campus loan debt relief bridge 20 thousand need to borrow nearl pork face


Henan university student loan debt by campus hiding under the bridge: 20 thousand loan is also nearly 60 thousand "from the beginning of August, before worrying about money, or wake up worrying about money, Dunning people call the school, hit home for me, but I still can not afford, no way, only to hide." Fujian, Quanzhou, a college sophomore Henan boy Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) was a campus loan debt, hiding under the Quanzhou City Tian An Bridge 4 days and 4 nights, was found after the police to describe the reason to play missing. In November 1st, the East China Sea police station informed that find Xiao Ming, he already did not eat one day with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, and the 4 days, 100 yuan living solely by his brother in Henan borrowed, money has been run out of fourth days. College students non-performing loan problem, will continue to cause widespread concern in the near future. In October 10th this year, the loan storm again "reduction" campus of a university in Quanzhou with more than and 90 people by boys campus loan of nearly 1 million 400 thousand yuan after the event run away. Fujian banking regulatory bureau and the Provincial Department of education has carried out joint prevention, illegal conduct of the campus network of non-performing loan business platform and personal loans will be disposed of. Loans to the 20 platforms of $20 thousand, the total repayment amount of nearly 60 thousand yuan Xiaoming first contact campus loans, is in August this year. Xiao Ming said he saw a small ad on the campus, zero interest rates, ultra-low interest rates, installment payment, free guarantee these words, I feel very curious, the first pen borrowed 1000 yuan. The other to get all his personal information, including schools, professional, roommate telephone, telephone, home address, counselors and so on, also told him that can use the borrowed 1000 yuan investment to help him, every 50 dollars income, this let Xiao Ming heart, and put 1000 yuan money back. But borrowed money, Xiao Ming know that there are 30% high interest rates to be returned, it is too late to regret. No money, he can only borrow money from the students, to borrow money to other campus network platform to borrow. The more money you borrow, the more money you spend. From August to date, he has more than and 20 small loans to the network platform by more than 20 thousand yuan, while the high interest rates, he actually want to repay the debt is estimated to have nearly more than 60 thousand yuan. A noisy day, being a threat to discredit the reputation "" every day there are people who come to the noisy, call me, I get to school, I have classes every day are afraid that they will not suddenly appeared at the door of the classroom." Is not money, Xiao Ming decided to hide in October 27th, he left school, brave the wind and dew. I dare not answer the phone, but also dare not tell the teacher, classmates. Day and night is all about how to pay back the money, the other party has threatened me that is not going to send me a bad name ", Xiao Ming consciously do, had to choose to play the missing, who didn’t answer the phone. 4 days didn’t come to school, school counselors up to ask friends, no one knows his whereabouts, and sense of community to school to find him, counselors have to call his parents. Xiao Ming’s parents work in Shenzhen all year round. October 31st morning, they rushed to Quanzhou from Shenzhen, the police immediately. The secret of illegal operations, it is difficult to form an effective chain of evidence in October 31st 10 in the evening, the East China Sea police station in Tian An bridge finally found xiaoming. See him)相关的主题文章: