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Harbin Coal Quality by sampling 100% inspection found inferior coal with heating the first week of air quality comparison of Harbin Coal Quality by sampling 100% check processing and sales enterprise "a file", the production and operation of inferior coal and severely dealt with reporters from Harbin market supervision bureau, the city will strengthen the market supervision system in coal quality supervision should be carried out the inspection of enterprises of all coal production and sales, so as to realize the coal processing and sales area of quality inspection of full coverage, no dead. Harbin will on the area of production, sales of coal enterprises to carry on the investigation, establish archives, "a file", on the production and management of the inferior coal market severely punished according to law. This year is an important year to carry out the special action of atmospheric pollution prevention, which accounted for 44.65% of the proportion of coal pollution air pollution. Harbin will focus on examination of winter coal quality, the sampling ratio increased to 100%, to achieve full coverage area of coal sampling. Harbin will also be on the area of coal production and sales enterprises to conduct a comprehensive investigation, find out the overall quantity, distribution, sales, sales amount and kinds of coal licenses for case based files, do "a file". Sales of coal quality sampling, for the production and operation of the inferior coal market severely punished according to law, behavior of operating without a license banned according to law, and to the public sampling results. At the same time, the establishment of coal management archives supervision of coal sales units for coal procurement contract or the date of change within 30 days, the coal procurement contract, invoice, quality report on purchase quantity and coal quality information sent to the regulatory authorities, to copy or copy a coupon overdue is not accurate, will be fined 5000 yuan, 10 thousand yuan. The sales do not conform to the quality standards of coal, coal and the confiscation of illegal income, in addition to the value of the amount of three times the fine. Relevant administrative penalties and other information will be publicized through the enterprise credit information publicity system, and related information sharing platform through the exchange of information with the relevant departments. The first week of the "news this winter heating up by more than 3 days." the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the first week of Harbin heating (October 20th to 26) the number of standard days compared with the same period last year increased by 3 days. In October 20th this year on the same day, the city of Harbin sunny weather, the air quality is not affected by heating, environmental monitoring data show that the AQI index is 48, the quality grade is excellent. Environmental experts said that by the end of September, Harbin environmental air quality standard has been 3 consecutive months of every day. Gain so much "good day" to benefit from Harbin Coal control, coal-fired boilers governance, yellow car governance, air source treatment and other aspects of air pollution prevention and control measures, which achieved significant progress, is expected in 2016 heating period "good day" will be more than last year. (source: Harbin News Network – new evening news) (author: Li Jiaqi, Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: