Hankou college students take the night beach 170 meters altitude at night in Wuhan winavi


Hankou college students take the night beach 170 meters altitude to see the Wuhan night night marshland Hankou and Wuhan science and Technology Museum Geng line for figure 56 storey building, nearly 170 meters high, Wuhan Business School of professional photography 3 Junior, photographed more than a beautiful night view of Hankou beach. Yesterday, the official micro published a set of photographs taken from them, the rave reviews. The 3 man’s name is Tang Yuchen, Geng Hang, and Liu Yongwen. Geng is the sponsor, he said: "some time ago on the Internet to see photographs of the night beach is beautiful, suddenly thought, if you shoot down from high altitude certainly is another scenery." He told the idea of a good friend Tang Yuchen, Liu Yongwen, get a positive response of two people. They went to Hankou beach field check, selected a 56 storey building adjacent to marshland as shooting point. Take the elevator to the roof, immediately shocked by the immediate landscape." Tang Yuchen said, the Yangtze River, heavy traffic, list all floor lamps and candles of a myriad families, small. Three people took out the camera, can not help but crazy. Breeze blowing gently, the neon lights are reflected in the Yangtze River, the river cruise with lights passing, bright lights of Wuhan science and Technology Museum, men play, all income of their shots. They use a long exposure and focal distance, take a psychedelic style photos. Traffic flow at the form of long exposure, a moving curve; lights intertwined, hazy, dreamlike. When shooting, Tang Yuchen’s careless hand tremble, the accident actually made a very artistic conception of "large" vehicles, street lamp becomes a light, like a meteor flying to the Yangtze river. Three people said: "so beautiful!" 9 pm midnight the next day to go upstairs, downstairs, they drunkenly took nearly 3 hours a total of more than 1 thousand photos, then select more than and 200 photos in their micro-blog and QQ space, attracted many students point of praise and forwarding. The school official WeChat, micro-blog launched their shooting group, yesterday has nearly 100 comments. (reporter correspondent Hao Mengdi Liu Jielin) > users; > > I love the big Wuhan, it "hot" what beauty @ summer: very beautiful, big Wuhan! @ Star: not the most beautiful rainy day, but with you and enjoy the beach at night. @ music is not the end, people have scattered: School of business, the iron triangle, for business school to show another style, not afraid of heights, preserved have long admired the beauty of the riverbank for us, like a! The coldest day: for the United States, to pay so much. For the iron triangle of photography, but also for such a beautiful photo point praise! I also made up with the other two roommates photography triangle, although not professional, but also to study hard. The sword edge dust as @: the scenery is very beautiful, but the story behind it thrilling; process is difficult, but in the heart dream photography, zaikuzailei worth. Climb the 56 floor, take the beautiful night, because there is a dream in mind, to achieve. Come on, my boy! @ too deep into the drama: as a veteran of the old people, I still feel you take good night every night, love to go to beach for a walk. Zhang Dameng: @ love photography, want to hold the camera to every corner. @TQX: I love my big Wuhan, it "spicy" beauty. Through many cities.相关的主题文章: