Hangzhou’s 32 year old mother child was found lying in the unit toilet still in coma clazziquai


Hangzhou’s 32 year old mother child was found lying in the unit toilet still coma her 32 year old, a 6 year old daughter, three months ago, she and her husband also ushered in their second baby, originally this is a very happy family, once accidentally broke the calm of all. On the afternoon of November 8th, she was found in the unit toilet! Xiaoshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine medical staff received the phone after the first time rushed to the scene for emergency treatment, all the way to the heart and lung resuscitation arrived in the hospital, after the tireless efforts of medical staff, and finally she took back from the hands of death. Life is back, but Ms. Liang has fallen into a deep coma, home suddenly chaos. So only 32 year old Ms. Liang why the sudden accident? Gao Jinsong, deputy director of the Xiaoshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said Ms. Leung, the initial diagnosis of cerebral aneurysm rupture due to extensive subarachnoid hemorrhage, due to not being found in time, which eventually led to respiratory arrest ICU. Intracranial aneurysm is a congenital defect in the elastic layer and muscular layer of the artery, which is gradually protruding outwards under the influence of the eddy current. When the patient is in heavy physical labor, mood changes, changes in the weather, a sudden increase in blood pressure, drinking, especially alcohol, at the base of the brain and cerebral vascular surface rupture, blood flow into the subarachnoid space caused by intracranial pressure suddenly increased, even for the brain goes to sudden death caused by brainstem compression. Have a headache to burst? Careful study found that cerebral aneurysm cerebral aneurysms have multiple factors: 1 genetic or congenital abnormalities: general children or young people suffering from cerebral aneurysms in the mother during pregnancy is often the result of embryonic development disorder lead to vascular wall is weak and also in polycystic kidney patients due to genetic defects are prone to aneurysm. 2 acquired factors: smoking and hypertension is the World Health Organization is recognized as one of the two main causes of aneurysm growth and rupture, occur in inflammation, autoimmune diseases and trauma can cause cerebral aneurysm. What are the symptoms of cerebral aneurysms? The clinical findings of aneurysms is often caused by brain subarachnoid hemorrhage of ruptured aneurysms, the patient will burst in addition to outside headache, neck and waist pain amaurosis etc.. If the unruptured aneurysm is difficult to find, but there are still some traces, such as visual acuity and visual field defects, eyelid collapse, orbital pain, dizziness. Beware of cold weather, which is often considered to be a disease of the elderly, and has a tendency to be younger. The fast pace of life, work pressure, irregular work and rest, stay up late, eating food, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, these are the reasons why young cerebrovascular disease incidence rate is higher. Some time ago, the temperature dropped, with the change of temperature, the body also slows down the The new supersedes the old. by cold stimulation, vascular contraction, blood circulation is blocked, if the intracranial pressure suddenly increased, easily induced cerebral vascular disease. Next week, the temperature will return to a single digit, director Gao reminded everyone that cerebrovascular disease can not be ignored! So what can we do to prevent cerebrovascular disease? Cold and warm in cold weather, easy to shrink, vascular spasm, cerebral insufficiency, so pay special note.相关的主题文章: