Han Song we are sick, looking for relief in this big hospital


Han Song: we are sick, looking for relief in the universe of this hospital, I and the woman in the roof of the hospital opened his hands for a long time, like two lonely cross. I see many pupils like windows, as if recounting, in this city, every heart is sick, all bare call treatment hardly wished to live.." The continuation of the "Metro" "high" "solo" iron science fiction realism, after a lapse of four years, the science fiction writer Han Song bring the readers a dystopian masterpiece – "hospital". Han Song’s science fiction often becomes a reality. In mid 1990s, the novel "Mars" in predicting the future shine America Chinese will rise, the world trade center will be destroyed by terrorists. The book also described in detail the situation of the collapse of the World Trade Organization: "like two torches burning. The above people have jumped from the top, and then drained two buildings." These had been considered to be alarmist prophecy really take place later. Now, Han Song will head alignment of our age. "Hospital" in the new movie, the protagonist C travel when sudden illness, was admitted to a special hospital, experienced a variety of meaningful events but be a wild legend, finally found him to is actually a "drug" era, the whole world is a hospital, the whole universe may also be a the hospital, while life is against being treated. He wanted to run away, but he was forced to do surgery…… Excessive examination, frequent referral, medical disputes, one of the four novels of reality almost forget this is called science fiction works in science fiction elements until the "rear hospital" focused on the presentation of successfully completed from the reality to science fiction, science fiction by infiltrating the reality of change. This is one of the characteristics of Korean science fiction ", Han Song is good at the surface of daily life ripped a crack, let the reader see grotesque world from deep. Han Song’s novels are often trying to build a three-dimensional world of science fiction. He believes that the "three dimensional" is a way of observing the world, science, imagination, art three dimensions should be the same. At the end of August, Han Song accepted an interview with the surging news reporters in Shanghai. How to change the thinking of medical era? How to understand the life level and the cosmic scale disease and pain? How to look at the status of science fiction in this era? Look at how Han Song gives the solution from the science fiction realism. Han Song hospital itself is a science fiction scene by realism can’t completely write surging news: medical and related to the theme of literary works a lot, but from the perspective of science fiction to describe is very special, what is the origin of "hospital" touches your writing? Han Song: everyone has to go to the hospital, the hospital is now too big change, human health concerns, the hospital market reform, shocking the doctor-patient disputes, and pay special attention to the reform of medical technology science fiction such as gene technology, synthetic biology, may soon bring changes in turn the world upside down. I want to put all these together, write a deeper hospital. At the same time, the hospital itself is a very science fiction scene, with absurd color, a lot of contradictions in the hospital. On the one hand is to heal the sick, on the other hand is the life constantly disappear; one is the high technology, at the same time there are a lot of superstition, to a.相关的主题文章: