Han Han opened the restaurant was chasing debt Hanging banners at the door but also my hard-earned


Han Han opened the restaurant was chasing debt? The door hanging banners: my hard-earned money – Entertainment Sohu   Han Han restaurant traced debt   in January last year, "glad to meet you," the store opened in Hangzhou, a lot of people to join     (source: City Express) City Express reported on October 27th, Mr. Sun yesterday passed the lakeside intime, "glad to meet you in front of the restaurant, saw a group of people holding banners collection. Mr. Sun is very strange, this restaurant is heard Han Han, every time the door to see a long line, why there are people home for money? Mr. Sun’s home in Hangzhou, yesterday, a friend came to Shanghai, he went to accompany the side of West Lake. "The first time I saw the money, is around 12 o’clock." Mr. Sun said, "I was with friends in the lake there looking for a restaurant, see German beer, ready to go in, this time not far from the" nice to meet you "standing in front of a lot of people." Mr. Sun said, out of curiosity, he and his friends went, and found that there are ten people, men and women, are working together to pull a banner, standing in the "nice to meet you at the gate," the banner is dazzling says "nice to meet you, but also my hard-earned money". "We are not much involved, their first went to dinner, 3 in the afternoon. Those who pull the banner actually did not go, but the hands of the banner disappeared." "I was curious and asked," what’s your banner? These people said, the police came, and asked them to pick up the banner, they do, but the people are not to go." "I ask, is this restaurant owes you money, how much? A thirty something guy back to me, they are all over Ningbo, "nice to meet you" in Ningbo before the shop, some time ago the collapse, they are with the Ningbo store business, the restaurant was owed money." Mr. Sun said, I’ve done business with the restaurant, dealing with, with more than a dozen people talk about debt. The young man said that he was selling kitchen cabinets, I am very pleased to meet you Hangzhou and Ningbo stores are bought from his home, the Ningbo store owed him about 200000 yuan loan. The young man next to a woman, but also with two children of two or three years old. She told Mr. Sun said, she is a vegetable supplier, was also the business with a small capital, nice to meet you after the store opened in Ningbo, there is an acquaintance matchmaking, tell her boss how famous, cooperate with them is a golden opportunity, she paid a lot of money supply, and the value of hundreds of thousands of Yuan vegetables for the restaurant, the other although some have paid the bill, but there are about 500000 arrears. In addition, other people have said the scene, and some are to provide seasoning restaurants, some of the decoration, etc., are hundreds of thousands of dollars in arrears. Around 6 pm, Mr. Sun and friends around to the lake to see the musical fountain, suddenly a heavy rain, they ran back to the car, from afar, that a dozen people still stood in very glad to meet you at the door. "I looked at them, and they stood so many guests ready to eat in the restaurant.相关的主题文章: