Guy to buy the top period of 17 times the amount of ham checkout claims million


Guy buy top period of 17 days to pay the bill to buy a small amount of ten thousand dollars to buy a pack of ham, ham, a total of 17 times, after the expiration of the product on the grounds, to the supermarket claims million, while the manufacturers believe that the product has not expired. Reporter survey found that in recent years, the supermarket encounter fake people buy expired goods claims continue to increase, "almost every day to meet, and sometimes even fake people will soon expire are hidden in the corner, and then buy expired." A supermarket staff said. The boy bought 17 packets of ham 17 checkout on September 21st morning, Dalian a large comprehensive supermarket just opened, a 20 year old boy came in, he went straight to the supermarket freezer, take a bag of a certain brand of ham, bill soon returned, took the same bag of ham, went to the checkout line. So, the guy run to and fro several times, has bought 17 bags of ham. The supermarket clerk Guo as usual, put on the shelves neatly, replenishment of the missing items, one by one check the goods shelf life. At this time, just buy a ham guy came up to her, said the supermarket ham has expired, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "consumer protection law", supermarkets constitute fraud, shall pay compensation in accordance with the price of 500 yuan per pack of ham, 17 package totaling 8500 yuan, at the same time to pay back the purchase price of 425 yuan. The guy also said to find the media exposure, the consequences borne by the supermarket. If you do not want him to pursue it, you have to give him 10000 yuan." Xiao Guo said. Guo looked at the small hands of 17 pack of ham, is removed from the freezer in their management, had the day before work to full recovery, unexpectedly let the guy at the. The product is produced by a food company in Shanghai, the production date is August 22, 2016, preservation conditions of 0-4 degrees Celsius, shelf life of 30 days, priced at $25. As from August 22nd, to September 21st, has indeed been a shelf life. Supermarket regulations, if the waiter did not find expired food, consumer complaints, all the consequences borne by the waiter. Small salary is not high, there is a minor child in school, this ten thousand yuan she simply can not afford. Guo hurriedly to report the situation to the manager of the supermarket, the supermarket manager immediately with ham manufacturers agents to the supermarket to reflect, then manufacturers "on the shelf life of the product description" a letter, the letter said, small buy this brand of ham production date of August 22, 2016, for a period of 30 days, the starting period 30 days should be from the beginning of August 23rd, since August, a total of 31 days, as of September 21, 2016 for 30 days. In other words, the ham in September 22nd, if not under the shelf, it is regarded as overdue. Guy saw the manufacturer’s instructions, that the supermarket is in the flicker himself, insisted that this ham has expired, asking for 10000 yuan, otherwise the court see. At present, the two sides on how to resolve the matter is still no consensus. Reporters at the National Guard Planning Commission food our website, see a "National Commission for health food division on the shelf life of food packaging marked pre reply about", the paper said: "food producers can choose.相关的主题文章: