Guangzhou Shenzhen to buy national tenants kuangsao Xi’an property market called cabbage pric


Guangzhou Shenzhen to buy national tenants kuangsao Xi’an property market   called "cabbage price" — real estate — original title: Guangzhou Shenzhen to buy national tenants kuangsao Xi’an property market called "cabbage price"       in the 21 large and medium-sized city in the National Day period heavy offering purchase order under the background of Xi’an. As the central and western regions of the second city, but in the "eleven" during the harvest a rare harvest market sales. Under the madness restless and the housing boom, with sales logic how? Shaanxi local real estate sector is how to look at the influx of outsiders to buy housing? The reporter visited a number of sales department and related professionals, "the field investigation buy off kuangsao Xi’an property market" behind the people. "Foreign guests" has recently become a hot word in the property market in Xi’an, frequently appeared in media reports. Reporters to buy identity to a real estate consulting, sales staff shows a picture of his WeChat circle of friends told reporters: the Sales Department of a young consultant, in October 6th received a Shanghai customer, the "foreign guests" bought 12 suites, which became the champion of sales consultant. Reporters in the sales center interviewed a few foreign visitors". One from Beijing property buyers said, because children go to college in Xi’an, the national day to Xi’an to see the children look at the house, found the price is on the value of depression, he bought a home or after preparing for children. He also said that he sent his house to the university student information group, did not expect a chain reaction, there are one or two students to change the plan temporarily, drove to Xi’an showings. Have to Xi’an cabbage price to buy the mentality of foreign buyers and no longer a minority. In the core area of Qujiang drove more than half an hour later, the reporter went to the local people are not familiar with "Qujiang two plots" Liz mansion Sales Department, where the hot scenes or unexpected, Loushu have light, but the temporary copy. Used to ask and discuss the table is not enough, people were temporarily brought to the sales department next to the small reading room. Sales consultant told reporters that buyers, foreign tourists accounted for about 20% of the proportion. Xi’an property market observers said the Miao Yu, golden week in Xi’an, each sales department, are popular with foreigners card mad to buy more suites "story," foreign guests "into the catfish, catfish effect until it is the local people on tenterhooks;" foreign guests "like the legend of the next Pharaoh, coming to go without a trace and everywhere, they make people anxious and look at fiercely as a tiger does local grievances. Property consultant told reporters, in order to fight the "golden nine silver ten" this war, they begin to make preparations as early as three months ago. Property requirements of the day after the opening of each customer should not be less than two. "No matter what way, as long as the volume on the line." This year just graduated home consultant told reporters about his day’s work and rest. More than 6 in the morning to get up, take the bus to the outskirts of the sales department, began a busy day. Field showings, home buyers, local telephone booking, telephone one by one, too busy to eat a little exaggeration. "Xi’an house prices this year has been lukewarm. )相关的主题文章: