Grand track Wu Yifan refused and Chen Xuedong male CP more like brothers candle june


"Grand track" Wu Yifan refused and Chen Xuedong male CP: more like brother Wu Yifan 1905 movie news the evening of September 29th, the film "grand track" premiere in beijing. The same day, the composition of the film cast super popular "flow play are finally gathered, director Guo Jingming Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, with William Chan, TFBOYS, Chen Xuedong, Amber Kuo, Wang Yuan, Yang Mi, Aarif Lee, Lin Yun, Yan Yi wide, Wang Duo and other actors have embarked on the red carpet. Previously, Wang Yuan has been absent because of academic reasons such as "grand track" campaign, this is his first official debut premiere. A large number of fans spontaneously attend to their hard support to help out, the scene did not lose the appeal of other super popular idol predecessors. The red carpet debut, starring with the media, the audience to watch the "grand track" plots. When it comes to making a "male CP" with Chen Xuedong in the film, it’s clear that Mr Wu Yifan’s refusal: "it’s more like a brother than CP."." Wang Yuan premiere debut film debut performance on fans Jibao scene: very satisfied with the "grand track" starring fans without much influence. Previously, the film held a conference star although the scene is not neat, but the scene is hot degree still amazing. Today the premiere, Wu Yifan, William Chan, Wang TFBOY source and so on these "popular play" finally to end all gathering activities at the scene throughout the full support of the shutter sound and fans screaming inside and outside the theater is overcrowded. Unlike Wu Yifan, William Chan et al., this is Wang Yuan for the first time in the "grand track" of the official campaign. As a member of the TFBOYS group, the 00 after the popularity and appeal did not lose any senior presence. What’s more, "grand track" is the source of the first king of big screen work, so a large number of fans in the red carpet and spontaneously came to the meeting after the video, for his film debut, should cry hard. See yourself in "grand track" in the performance, finally put down the heart to the king of the source said happily: "I am satisfied with my acting, because the time taken before (I feel very awkward, and the effect is also good)." Wu Yifan refused to "male CP" Fan Bingbing: "grand track" in the first national box office has appeared on the red carpet, the stars all walked into the auditorium and the media and the audience to watch the "grand track". After reflection, are the first to see the full version of the film they have said that was previously unimaginable picture shocked. Chen Xuedong believes that different from other movies, "grand track" show every actor’s best performance. William Chan jokes that his Mandarin skill lines have made progress in this movie. As the seven Baron Wu Yifan of silver "can be said to be" an important figure in the "grand track clues. For the "grand track" "the first Chinese real CG movie existence, Wu Yifan is very valued, also expect this work to open the door for the domestic similar theme. In the movie, N group of "King" and "the" relationship between the whirling, defined by Guo Jingming is beyond the existence of love. Talking about his "apostle" Chen Xuedong, Wu Yifan is clearly rejected for the two members of the "CP men": "king of the apostles as the concept of mentoring relationship, rather than (CP) emotional drama, they are more.相关的主题文章: