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The girl see online wanted to be scared Mongolia Wuhan car to "record" – Beijing China Jiangxi Reuters reporter Yang Yang reported: Wan Jun Wang Hanyi, 20 year old girl Linda (pseudonym) suddenly received a call from the suspicion of money laundering, and at first she saw in the network but not to regard it as right, until his identity card photo clearly printed on the warrant, she was dumbfounded. Subsequently, Xiao Ling was a telephone operator, just when she was alone from Nanchang to Wuhan to do the car, her parents received a phone call she was kidnapped. What happened in the middle? September 17th, the reporter interviewed, understand the story behind. The girl received a phone call for money laundering in September 10th, the 20 year old Nanchang girl Xiao Ling received a call from Shanghai, said the other side is the Ministry of public security police found Linda suspected money laundering, the Macao customs has seized 18 fake identity cards and a lot of evidence. I thought it must be a fraud phone, Xiao Ling hung up the phone. Did not think about 10 minutes in the office of the Ling Xiao received a phone call, you do not understand the seriousness of the problem! Money laundering is a very serious crime……" The other said the customs have intercepted the identity card Xiao ling. Ling let the other party reported her identity card number. But the other claiming to be law enforcement officers, Xiao Ling called ID number to verify them. So Xiao Ling will be reported to the identity card number. The girl by phone sent a car to Wuhan Road, taking note that Linda surprised is that they give Linda a website, there are stamped her warrant, ID number, passport and the Shanghai public security bureau. Let the other side of the report, and help her get through the Shanghai Public Security Bureau telephone. Claiming to be Liu police, the man answered the phone, accepted the alarm, asking them to cooperate with the investigation, and said, absolutely can not contact your family, otherwise they will be implicated." Only 20 yuan on the body in accordance with the requirements of the other side, the bank card money transferred to the other side of the 7000. The evening of September 12th, Xiao Ling received Liu police call, asked Xiao Ling recorded a mother, come to save me, a small video sent to him, and asked her to go to Wuhan to take notes. In the "police officer Liu" telephone instructions, Linda toss a night finally to Wuhan, Linda said the body did not have the money to pay 1000 yuan fare, promised to hit 1000 yuan fare to linda. The parents received her kidnapped telephone report to the police the morning of September 12th, the East Lake criminal investigation team eight in Nanchang City Public Security Bureau received a report said the couple, their daughter was kidnapped, they are Linda parents. On the morning of 12, Linda’s mobile phone has been turned off, and there is no work in the unit, then the parents received a call from her daughter was kidnapped, two couples at first did not believe, but with every 10 minutes "bombing" calls, the couple will be reported to the police. September 13th afternoon, Xiao Ling parents received a phone call, said the child in Wuhan. East Lake police and Xiao Ling’s parents drove to Wuhan. The other end, to Wuhan to meet with Linda Liu police officer, but has been eroded. In the evening, Xiao Ling asked Liu police officer, she can.相关的主题文章: