Get together seven crimes! Sin seven sin again seiyuu


Get together seven crimes! "Sin seven" sin again seiyuu lineup recently, model magazine publisher HobbyJAPAN announced its hand to do the original animation "sin seven" sin second batch of devil voice. Let’s see what it will join the anime seiyuu. Fourth crimes Bell Finger (, Vespa, sloth,, Kakuma Ai): as a lazy devil, Bell Finger is not only the mankind neet example, pet phrase is’ good trouble ~ ‘, and she is all ACGN otaku benchmark, because of their abundant knowledge in the anime game called Devil world none such under heaven! In fact, only what she is interested in, she is willing to take the time to "study hard"; the others do not want to pay attention to it. Apart from these super strong (super waste?) Besides, Bell Finger, who likes to hang on the Internet all day, is also a super red network icon of the human world, and fans (followers) are all over the world. As a result of these outstanding achievements, even a rumor has been circulated in the realm of the devil. "If Bell Finger is serious, he will be the strongest of the seven kings. Fifth crimes to Mammon (MA,): Sukasa Youko not only gave birth to Mammon married, more than 500 thousand small demon, and her husband because of business failure and run away, but left her a great debt to repay the people. Although she has Gao Jie’s maternal love, she is always unable to resist the temptation of money. In order to support so many children, Mammon from huge estate investment into cheap selling counterfeit drugs are willing to do. On the other hand, this single mother has an unfortunate physique, and the result often makes her encounter many waves of compensation, fraud, and so on… Sixth sins gluttony (Beelzebub, Vespa clima: miraj) YUI Ogura in the human world, she is regarded as the "Queen of gluttony" and was worshipped; in Makai, she was also the other lords as pets as spoil. I have no mouth and although extremely introverted, but only "eat" to let him open chrysostom. About Beelzebub strength, at present there are still many unknowns. The only sure nirvana is devoted to waste food, she would use a sharp head to stab each other the chrysanthemum — it is called "speech on cancer and immediate UTI Chan Che on ra". Seventh Bsmal (Anna, sin lust too design,): as for her appearance as a woman: Tomoaki love against incrimination, flirtatious body language, provocative action expression, to seduce the everyone. 她很喜爱向诱惑对象进行“放置 PLAY”,好让对方色欲薰心、把持不住而显露兽性本能。 Especially the little experience virgin who is easy to become a target on her. But don’t look at her. She’s the only common sense of all the magic kings. [source: animation house]

凑齐七大罪!《sin 七大罪》再发声优阵容   近日,模型杂志出版商HobbyJAPAN公布了旗下手办原创动画《sin 七大罪》第二批魔王声优。下面就让我们看看有哪些声优会加入这部动画吧。   第四罪 怠惰   贝尔芬格(ベルフェゴール):加隈亚衣   身为懒惰的魔王,贝尔芬格不仅是全人类尼特族的榜样,口头禅是‘好麻烦喔~’,而且她也是所有 ACGN 宅宅的标竿,因为丰富的动漫电玩知识在魔王界堪称是天下无双!其实说白一点,只有她感兴趣的东西,她才愿意花时间去“努力钻研”;其他一概不想理会。   除了这些超强(超废?)特质以外,喜欢一整天都挂在网路上的贝尔芬格也是人界的超红网络偶像,粉丝(信徒)遍布世界各国。由于这几项成绩突出,在魔王界甚至流传一句谣言:‘如果贝尔芬格一认真起来,恐怕会是七魔王之中的最强至尊。’   第五罪 强欲   玛门(マモン):日笠阳子   玛门不但已婚,生下超过50万只小恶魔,而且丈夫因为经商失败而跑路,却留下莫大的负债要她一人偿还。她虽然具有高洁的母爱光辉,无奈总是无法抗拒金钱 的诱惑。为了独立扶养这么多小孩,玛门从巨额的地产投资到贪小便宜的假药推销都愿意去做。偏偏,这位单亲妈妈又有不幸体质,结果常常让她遇到客诉赔偿、诈 欺嫌疑等许多风波……   第六罪 暴食   别西卜(ベルゼバブ):小仓唯   在人界,她被视为‘暴食女王’而被崇拜着;在魔界,她更被其他魔王们当作宠物一样地溺爱。本人虽然极端无口又内向,但只有“吃东西”能够让他大开金口。 关于别西卜的实力,目前仍有许多未知数。唯一确定的必杀技是专门针对浪费食物的人,她会用头上的尖角去捅对方的菊花–这招称为“ばぶちゃんすとらい く”。   第七罪 色欲   阿斯摩太(アスモデウス):たかはし智秋   她的外貌如其罪,喜欢靠着妖艳的肢体语言、挑逗的动作表情,去诱惑人界的男女老少。她很喜爱向诱惑对象进行“放置 PLAY”,好让对方色欲薰心、把持不住而显露兽性本能。尤其是经验很少的处男处女们,更是容易沦为她的捉弄目标。不过别看她这样子,她可是所有魔王之中 唯一的常识人。[来源:动漫之家]相关的主题文章: