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From the end of the Holy Spirit: a minor cult bloody brainwashing – Sohu news development object containing children’s Church occult community party by hand sentry family gathering mission, a sentry at the door, the organizers let everyone as their "God" Zhang Hui felt cheated into the blood of the spirit. He was a devout Christian before joining the creepy "church", which was part of his life to read the Bible and go to church every Sunday. Five or six years ago, he came from his hometown to work in a city in the north. Then, starting from the residence to pour two buses to get to the nearest church. Soon after, a neighbor told him there was a family church nearby, located in the elders home. Every Sunday, 20, posted a square meters large living room will be filled with all kinds of posters of small stool, a dozen believers gathered here. Before two time, Zhang Hui felt and ordinary church as we chant and read the Bible, eat bread and drink the cup. Changes occur in the third week. "Elders" pointed to the wall of the portrait of the old man told him that God has an apostle called Zuo Kun, we call him "father", he is the voice of God, the word of God through him to convey to believers. Zhang Hui knew the apostles in the Bible story, but he had never heard of the apostles as a real being. The other side of the argument so he suspected, the elders explained that before you contact the three self church heresy is controlled by the government, the antichrist. The elders had finished, several other believers also took turns over to his class, their organization is called the blood of Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit Full Gospel Mission ", also known as the" Holy Spirit to rebuild the church". After an intensive sermon, Zhang Hui’s suspicions were temporarily dismissed. However, after the event, there are a number of things aroused his suspicion. Each party elders will send someone to the cell junction area of the sentry, other believers come in series, sent to the people will be more. Zhang Hui to the squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) recalled that in blood in the Holy Spirit of God, Jesus was mentioned less and less, and in the party room wall, in addition to zuokun portraits and calendars, is printed on the earth, horse, Eagle pattern "banner of truth". In the consciousness of the believers, the left Kun "Dad" is the true worship and dependence of god". Public data shows, left Kun was born in October 1930 in Jiangxi, Taiwan in the "New Testament Church" in 20 years of missionary. In 1988, left Kun led the New Testament Church affiliated church Shipai secession, founder of the Holy Spirit. The blood of the spirit at the beginning of founding, Taiwan is considered to have a tendency to combat cults. In order to avoid the attack, left Kun emigrated from Taiwan to the United states. From the beginning, with the intention that zuokun believers to show their abilities, such as hand tied believers on the story of ancient dragon snake 5000. In fact, it is claimed that there are snakes attached body believers, no one really seen. At the same time, left Kun often to the disciples referred to the end of the world, to render natural disasters of terror, advocating doomsday approaching disaster. Zhang Hui said Malaysia Airlines crash, Kaohsiung explosion.相关的主题文章: