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Foreign language exam two times to expand the right to choose the college entrance examination editorial foreign language subjects test can reduce the chance of an examination of the two, more objective evaluation of the candidate’s strength. In the future, other college entrance examination subjects should gradually achieve multiple examinations, and eventually form a number of examinations, the college entrance examination enrollment system. November 9th, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission issued a pilot program in Shanghai college entrance examination in spring in 2017. 2017, Shanghai college entrance examination language examination test for one year two, including written and oral English test, examination time is respectively in January and June, candidates in the college entrance examination, may choose to participate in the 1 or 2 foreign language exam, a higher score will be included in the college entrance examination scores, choose to participate in the spring college entrance examination candidates at the same time, the foreign language exam as a test scores in 2017 unified college entrance examination subjects in foreign language. This is the implementation of the State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system reform in September 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) specific implementation. The "opinions" pointed out that "language, mathematics, foreign language remain unchanged and the scores of college entrance examination subjects, regardless of Arts and Sciences, foreign language courses provide opportunities for the two examinations." Foreign language subjects two exam, select the highest score included in the college entrance examination scores, the positive significance of doubt. This can reduce the chance of a test subject, the strength can more objectively evaluate the candidates, compared to the previous "accomplish the whole task at one stroke", is a great progress. For the two test, there are other opinions of the public opinion, that this will increase the burden on students to test, in order to brush points, many candidates will choose to participate in the examination of the two, which will further lengthen the entrance front. A foreign language exam two times better, if more than two test subjects, will increase a small entrance". This problem, and the current college entrance examination system. China’s college entrance examination is also implemented in accordance with the total admission mode, that is, to the best results of the two examination included in the total admission, the image that is a number of examinations for a service. This unified examination and foreign repeatedly test, such as the United States SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), the test 7 times a year, the candidates pay a fee may choose to participate in the 3 exams, each exam can apply for admission as basis, students apply for university enrollment, independent college, the examination is repeatedly admitted different. Many examinations, once admitted, according to the total score sort, it is difficult to let the examinee liberated from the only score theory, but only the exam several times, repeatedly admitted to the examination, play a better role of evaluation, promote the university to establish multivariate evaluation system, guide the primary and secondary school education gradually get rid of should try education. This requires our country to promote the reform of the college entrance examination, in addition to the subject reform, examination reform, but also for the admission system reform. Specifically, the relative separation of admissions and examination methods to explore according to the national education plan mentioned ", the government macro management, organization and implementation of professional organizations, law school independent recruitment, many students choose, and gradually form a classification test, evaluation, pluralistic admission examination and enrollment system", in the college entrance examination reform, and actively promote the recruitment separation to explore the university independent recruitment. The starting point and goal of the reform of the college entrance examination is to expand the students’ choice, including examination相关的主题文章: