Focus on diabetes prevention and control of diabetes complications are the focus


The common concern of diabetes prevention and control of diabetes complications is the focus in November 14th is the tenth UN diabetes day, this year’s theme is "the common concern of diabetes", experts pointed out that the clinical individual differences in patients with diabetes is more and more obvious, the prevention and control of key lies in the prevention of diabetic complications. According to WHO statistics, diabetes complications of up to more than 100 kinds, is currently known as the most complications of a disease. Clinical data show that 10 years after the onset of diabetes, there will be 30% to 40% of patients occur at least one complication, and the complications once produced, it is difficult to reverse the drug treatment, need early prevention of diabetic complications. Third Military Medical University Xinqiao Hospital Department of Endocrinology director Zheng Hongting said, have diabetes, not just stare at a blood glucose index. Hyperglycemia can cause a variety of complications, such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lower extremity vascular disease and diabetic foot, these complications become major factors causing death disability of diabetes. Zheng Hongting said that some patients had good blood glucose control and complications still occur, this is due to type 2 diabetes is a multifactorial disease, the need for comprehensive control of blood glucose, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood viscosity, to reduce the incidence of vascular disease. The expert reminds, found diabetes should be timely to consult ophthalmologists, generally diagnosed diabetes 10-30 years old, 5 years after the annual check to check the fundus, fundus once; while patients older than 30 years should be checked once a year. In addition to regular checks, blood glucose control is also the most important. The direct cause of diabetic eye disease is high blood sugar, so if the blood sugar control is good, can delay the occurrence of diabetic retinopathy and reduce the symptoms. At the same time also pay attention to blood pressure and blood lipids, blood pressure and blood lipid control. In addition to regular inspection and control of blood glucose, diabetes patients should also be added lutein. Clinical data show that the population is below the onset of diabetes in high-risk groups: one is obese or more than ideal weight 20%; two is the family history of diabetes; three is a history of hypertension is four; dyslipidemia; five IGT population; six is the tension of life work pressure, sedentary is seven; (smoking 10 cigarettes a day more than eight people); there is a history of macrosomia in women; nine had metabolic syndrome; ten are over the age of 40.相关的主题文章: