Fiona Sit called Leslie Cheung husband the only idol in life (video)


Fiona Sit called Leslie Cheung "husband": is the only idol of life [Abstract] welcome to my husband’s home, I have only one idol is my brother, his concert will not be tired to see ten times." Fiona Sit kissed Leslie Cheung on the humanoid licensing legislation Tencent entertainment news September 11th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Fiona Sit yesterday as a major exhibition "the late Leslie Cheung’s 60 anniversary of the birth of Leslie Cheung Leslie Cheung" — the art of Music Festival as the opening exhibition venue before guests, "brother" Leslie Cheung launched a record year with star records signed contracts, and never the exposure of the song "airplane division" coat MV. Is recognized as "brother star fans" Fiona Sit not only has all the Leslie Cheung album, each concert also arrived to appreciate, the most regret is that she * * * year is a year of the death of his brother, has not been able to cooperate with idols. Fiona Sit yesterday to the site of the exhibition to the media said: "welcome to my husband home, my life is only an idol brother, his concert ten times are not tired, I collect his record, remember most is" red "that one, my parents and I love to listen to, because I don’t want to the broadcast, bought three tickets back without dispute." Since Fiona Sit joined that year was a year of the death of his brother, she has been a fantasy with each other on the chorus, she said: "so, no matter how small concert, I will sing a song brother song, sing his songs every time feel happy, but a little sad." Fiona Sit jokes that new record at home last night broadcast brother, his microphone singing along with wireless Bluetooth, and said the album is brother to accompany her to grow together. Asked what is the brother birthday of Albert Memorial, Fiona Sit said there are used in the social platform to upload feelings, she said: "every year most remember my brother said, do not expect we will remember him, but if one day he no longer sing or old, as long as you still mention his name, it has been satisfied." Fiona Sit makeup face white ghost like themselves are scared to look in the mirror相关的主题文章: