Female prostitution and the dispute has been hit to death when the man


Prostitution and female dispute hit the death original title: man whoring prostitution dispute man was hit to death principal of first instance jailed for 16 and a half years Li Mourong in prostitution during a dispute with prostitutes, hit the death. The reporter learned yesterday, the case of intentional injury hidden behind a prostitution ring, many people were arrested after the incident. At present, the principal Lin Mouhui guilty of intentional assault and organized prostitution, a trial was sentenced to 16 and a half years. Prostitution dispute was hit to death last year whoremaster late on the night of June 29th, is located in the Valley Industrial Zone Fengze District Hongyuan gate of Traders Hotel murder occurred, the man Lee Mourong hit the death. The court found that the day before 11 pm, defendant Pan Moubin by the defendant Wang Mouli, the defendant Lin Mouhui operating a massage shop, namely prostitution prostitution Hongyuan Deng Mouyu to Traders Hotel. In the room, Deng Mouyu and 49 year old John Li Mourong dispute. After hearing the news, Pan Moubin gathered a bunch of people rushed to the hotel, Lin Mouhui drove to help out". At the door of the hotel, the gang met Li Mourong. Deng Mouyu picked up a brick, hit the back of Li Mourong, Lin Mouhui and others immediately came to hit Li Mourong. Li Mourong fell on the ground, Lin mouhui does not give up, still jumps toward Li Mourong hit two knees. Then, a group of people fled the scene. After the alarm, emergency personnel rushed to the scene to rescue, but still unable to save Li Mourong’s life. Li Mourong died of hemorrhagic shock and acute heart failure due to rupture of inferior vena cava and closed chest injury. In the case of a case of rent stores "flesh" business after the incident, the police found a thorough investigation, this is not a simple case of intentional injury case, but in the case of the hidden behind a prostitution ring. Soon, Lin mouhui and other 8 defendants were arrested. The investigation, December 14, 2014, Lin mouhui in the monthly rent of 4000 yuan, in delicacy Street rented a storefront, said foreign "massage parlors". He has recruited a number of women, such as Deng Mouyu in the massage shop prostitution, and the price of 100 yuan a day, Wang hired to help manage the massage shop. At the same time, Lin Mouhui, Wang Mouli also arranged for these prostitutes to Quanzhou City Hotel prostitution. Pan Moubin usually made some prostitution cards, many hotels distributed in Quanzhou City, in order to arrange the familiar women in prostitution transactions. At the same time, he also with Lin Mouhui cooperation, the introduction of prostitutes in the shop to go to the Lin Mouhui transaction, from which to earn intermediary fees. Who committed two crimes principal of first instance jailed for 16 and a half years in May 16th this year, Lin Mouhui’s family members for compensation on behalf of Li Mourong’s family of more than 30 yuan. Recently, the District Court concluded the case. The court held that Lin and other 8 people together in a joint intentional illegal damage to other people’s body, and led to the death of Li Mourong, the act has constituted a crime of intentional injury. Lin Mouhui organized more than women prostitution, the act has constituted the crime of organizing prostitution. Pan Moubin introduced many people prostitution, the act constitutes a crime of prostitution. Wang Mouli to assist others in the organization of prostitution, the act has constituted the help of prostitution camps相关的主题文章: