Fashion Young Nordic living room decoration guide


The young are essential beioufeng living room decoration guide?? Nordic style in the decoration has been simple and lively, the style is simple, direct, functional and close to nature, a quiet Nordic style decoration, design is not empty this simple and befog the minds of the people, it does not lose the atmosphere the decoration style is now the most young people the popular. For example, the Nordic style living room decoration is simple and lively, but some of the functionality it can have.     Nordic style living room decoration decoration materials used stone, glass and iron, retain the original texture of material advocating. Home Furnishing color combination, such as bias light, white, brown, beige, light wood color. Often in white tone, with large white walls. At the same time with a small part of the bright color embellishment; or two colors such as white, with the use of black tone, do not add any other color. Decoration out of the effect of most people feel more open.     space gives people a clear and fresh feeling, will not give you messy clean. More attention to storage. Indoor like to put a small green plants as embellishment. The curtains and carpets and other soft decoration and other practical material preference of cotton and other natural texture. The wall will not do too much decoration, usually some iron rack, wall paintings or photographs, etc.. More wood flooring materials, looks more fresh. Furniture is the main element of the Nordic style Home Furnishing, which is characterized by simple, chic style, fine workmanship, color preferences.     Nordic style living room decoration is not complicated. It is simple, practical, environmentally friendly concept into the living room decoration. Design of wooden furniture, flooring and solid wood bar chairs good show a Nordic style simple and natural, dark linen sofa, in contrast with the white sofa backdrop, sofa is very comfortable for a solid, a lazy taste. So whether it gives a unique artistic feeling or the comfort it brings to you, is now the reason why you are tired of fancy young people. Summary: the Nordic style living room decoration to the living room is no longer crowded and fancy, whether you are the fashion of young people, tired or busy middle-aged people, the Nordic style decoration form can create a warm and romantic home for you.相关的主题文章: