Facebook hot news scandal 911 bomb attack


Facebook hot news and scandal: said the 911 bombings of Tencent technology news in order to show the most popular social network users based on topic and news, Facebook recently launched a "hot topic" (Trending Topics), but once again sparked controversy. The day before the automatic polymerization based on the function and make out a scandal, even said the 911 terrorist attacks caused by a bomb. According to the United States online media BuzzFeed reported on Friday, Facebook’s hot topic and surprising content. It is clear that the media or author concocted a conspiracy theory, known as the 911 terrorist attacks in 2001, the world trade center in New York, Twin Towers was hit by a bomb attack, Twin Towers fell not because of the impact of the aircraft. It is unclear whether the hot topic in the content, in the end is the reason for the aggregation algorithm, or artificial editing errors. Media said the above statement is clearly a hoax, but cheated the background screening mechanism Facebook. Facebook move sparked controversy, and then the company announced that it will completely cancel the 911 commemoration of this topic. Facebook acknowledged that there was a problem with the product, and said that the problem is to solve the background. U.S. media pointed out that this is another embarrassing moment Facebook. Although the hot topic of the Facebook itself does not report news, but through the selection of hot news, can affect the United States domestic public opinion, the above bomb conspiracy theory is clearly misleading the public. According to reports, the initial Facebook this hot topic features, by a number of artificial editor responsible for scheduling, these editors have a strict news career training. However, in May, Facebook this product caused a huge controversy. Republicans in the United States and other accused, Facebook intends to suppress conservative news and views, the loss of objective justice. U.S. media also broke the news that the Facebook does exist within the human manipulation of hot news issues, such as some hot news was forced to push the home page. In the face of the outside world, Facebook announced that it will be the aggregation of hot news algorithm algorithm to avoid manipulating the news of the suspect. (Comprehensive dawn) recommendation: focus on Tencent WeChat digital official numbers (ID:qqdigi) acquisition of Apple’s iPhone 7, the latest information, Purchasing Guide, a detailed evaluation, a video, interactive live everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章: