Evening peak traffic police relay hand off workers to seek medical treatment pigeon blood


Evening peak traffic police relay to send off hand workers were sent to hospital for medical treatment. The picture provided by the respondents in October 27th at 17 PM, Shahekou traffic police brigade to dispatch room received along with alarm transferred to the 110 command center, said the area a number for the Liaoning BJ0F00 Wuling Hongguang, the car carrying a right hand by the construction machine pinch off hand bone needed for emergency treatment of workers, please brigade immediately sent to dispose of. Refers to the room immediately after the alarm and alarm people made contact, the vehicle is now Baishan Yongping street intersection, ready to go to the doctor because of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xinghai, evening peak traffic pressure, drivers on the road and the traffic police to assist with urgent need. To understand the situation, the room immediately issued instructions to Gangqin two Squadron, four Squadron, and inform the best route, along the way to the police post to do counseling, to ensure that the injured can quickly reach. 3 minutes later, two squadrons of police closed the Yilin arrived at the scene, found the injured right hand tendon rupture, hand bones were badly mutilated, pinch off, blood DC, no time to think about Guan Yilin will ride a police motorcycle, open alarm, lights, leading the vehicle along the White Road southbound during the evening rush hour westbound Zhongshan Road the huge pressure, along the way to fully cooperate with the police, and the red race release, in order to save time, Guan Yilin regardless of personal safety, motorcycle keep high speed in only 13 minutes will be injured successfully escorted to the Second Affiliated Hospital of medicine. Subsequently, the injured were rushed to the operation room, shut off this is a sigh of relief, riding a motorcycle to return to their posts, and returned to the tense work. Peninsula morning, Haili network chief reporter Man Wenfei相关的主题文章: