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College-University Beauticians, hairdressers, electrologists and skincare therapists all fall under the Esthetician umbrella. These people provide a wide range of services in spas and other establishments across Canada. In fact, the spa business is booming as more Canadians take an interest in being pampered with facials (deep cleansing, exfoliation and massages), body waxing, body treatments, anti-aging procedures (Botox, laser treatments and deep chemical peels), skin care, manicures, pedicure, and more. Because estheticians are not medical doctors, they dont diagnose skin conditions, prescribe medications or suggest treatment for any skin condition outside of using cosmetic products. They are still, however, trusted professionals. In addition to spas, salons, health clinics, cruise ships, skin care .panies and other such outlets are looking for trained Esthetician professionals as well. In order to enter the industry, interested parties must attend an esthetics college or esthetics college program. At Centennial College, students are able to obtain an Ontario College Diploma and the knowledge to enter the field in just two years. During their time in this Esthetician program, they study the entire range of professional services offered in todays spas. In addition, they obtain enough knowledge to run their own business should they choose to be self-employed. This is achieved through a .prehensive curriculum that incorporates anatomy, physiology, practical applications, product knowledge, sales techniques and business practice. The esthetics college program curriculum also .bines the use of lectures and Centennial Colleges brand new esthetician lab facilities and cutting-edge equipment that is .mon in todays wellness and medical spas. Specific courses within the program include: Skin Care Theory, Skin Care Practices, Manicures and Pedicures, Spa Health and Safety, Waxing and Hair Removal, Product Chemistry and Advanced Experience, and more. The in-class sessions are designed to prepare students for Centennial Colleges esthetician field placement, during which students work in esthetics establishments. During their field placements, students work with real customers (under the supervision of their instructors), learning the ins and outs of the industry. Please be advised, that students must have .pleted a standard first aid and CPR (healthcare provider level) course, a vulnerable sector background police check, and an immunization review form before they can be sent out on the esthetician work placement. To apply for admission to this esthetics college program, you must present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Also required is .pulsory English 12C or U,or skills assessment, or equivalent. Graduates of this esthetics college program possess the ability to: perform a variety of specialized body and skin care treatments following correct procedures and precautions; use a range of specialized equipment and products; select and re.mend the use of esthetic products and product ingredients to clients, taking into account health status and identified needs; develop customer service strategies that meet and adapt to individual needs and expectations; adhere to health, safety, sanitation and infection prevention control guidelines; and more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: