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UnCategorized Most people in the UK will probably, at some point, have experienced the sinking feeling of opening their front door and realising that somebody they don’t want particularly want to be standing there, is. I’m not talking about Uncle Cyril at Christmas, or somebody trying to get you to join a religious cult. I mean rogue traders, cold callers, and other such unscrupulous tradesmen (or women), soliciting for business in the most direct and un.fortable way possible. Many of us will be well versed in the art of shutting the door in somebody’s face. I know I am. However, there are also the more vulnerable members of the .munity who get taken in by the slick sales patter, or simply feel that they are somehow obliged to let whoever it is into their house out of politeness.Politeness shouldn’t .e into it. In the vast majority of cases, this person is not seeking to further anybody’s means except for their own. I am not suggesting that anyone who calls at the door is a crook or a little bit dodgy, but many of them are. Cold-calling is not illegal in the UK, not at the minute anyway. Most of us can sniff out a unsavoury character at a thousand paces. If a man offers to re-tarmac your driveway, tell him politely that until trees start growing out of the cracks, it’s fine. Unless you have a waterfall cascading into your bedroom or a hailstorm of slates plopping on to your driveway every time the breeze picks up, your roof’s probably fine as well. What the average door-to-door roofer likes to do is scratch their head, tell you that your tiles look unstable, pop up to check them for you, and then miraculously discover that the entire thing is falling apart. Funny, you think, the house was only built last May. At the end of the day, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And even if it is broke, get somebody else to take care of it. Other ‘services’ undertaken by the fraudsters include guttering work and patio renovation, for which they will usually offer a fantastic one-day offer, and then scarper with the cash when the unsuspecting ‘customer’ coughs up on the spot. .mon sense is a large part of it, but just to be on the safe side, the Office of Fair Trading, which is behind the new campaign, is reminding householders not to make any snap decisions, reject any so-called special offers and particularly ignore any warnings that your hitherto-immaculate home has suddenly be.e a treacherous deathtrap. Pushy traders can .e from all walks of business, not just those concerned with residential fixtures and fittings. Car washing, cosmetics selling, insurance….and also personal injury .pensation. From my own point of view, this ties in nicely with my line of work. Cold-calling in my industry has long been frowned upon, and has given rise to the very derogatory term ‘ambulance chasers,’ which calls to mind greedy lawyers virtually Sellotaping a pen to an accident victim’s plaster cast just so they can sign their claim forms, often taking advantage of them when they are at their most vulnerable. Most of us in the industry think these practices are rather unpleasant anyway, but there is also a legal document to back them up. The Ministry of Justice Claims Management Regulations 2008 specifically state that ‘a business must not engage in high pressure selling’ and ‘cold calling…is prohibited.’ Which is just as well: most of my colleagues would wish to distance themselves from such underhand tactics. If someone is injured, it’s up to them to choose how they wish to go about claiming for it, if they want to at all. If they need the service, they’ll go to the right people, the .panies who are tightly-regulated and above-board. This why we wel.e the announcement that known ‘consumer champion’ Esther Rantzen is one of the high-profile names joining the OFT to help launch this new campaign. Her presence, as the known face of a prominent UK claims management .pany, will help to validate our whole line of business. Sometimes the worlds of drive-tarmacking and claims management can be surprisingly similar… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: