Er biography Wang Longhua plays Zhang Yishan conference sudden abdominal pain


"Er biography" Wang Longhua plays Zhang Yishan Tencent (entertainment news conference pain suddenly Wen Hu Mengying) in August 31st, is Xiangshan hot shot costume idol drama "Chonger" open media goings, directed by Lai Shuiqing, starring Zhao Jianxie Wang Longhua, Zhang Yishan, Zhang Hanyun, Pu Bajia, Shen Mengchen etc. After three minutes of group interviews, Zhang Yishan leave early because of stomach pain, until the end of the conference has not returned. During the interview, the actor Wang Longhua said that this is a spark with the hand of Zhang Hanyun, we have a spark." According to reports, "Chong Er biography" is a version of the spring and autumn Prince adventures, according to the historical facts about his adaptation, after Gong Dou, exile, Zionist and dominate the legendary life, and ginger, and name in the annals of the Li Ji, won the monthly and seasonal beauty of love and hate the kui. The play not only love line, the monarch of love, mother love let the actors moved. During the interview, talked about the first big costume drama is tripod heavy pressure, Wang Longhua said: "there was a lot of pressure, but also a lot of challenges, he is a real person, can’t play. The amount of play is particularly large, the pressure comes from the large number of lines, two is his life ups and downs, a challenge to the actors, also have a lot of pressure on themselves, so early will do a lot of homework." Have finished the "dream of Red Mansions" (old version), Wang Longhua had threatened to take longer for the Encore costume drama, costume drama, said he is fascinated by the role, "this is the best I’ve ever seen costume drama script." According to producer revealed, Wang Longhua every day to shoot seven to eight pages of the component, very large workload, and to Wang Longhua, also a lot of pressure to ease the other actors, "they have given me a lot, Zhao Shuai, Jie, Chonger are three good brothers, the brotherhood is also a very good assistant. Last night with filming season Kui to 11 points, Gan Tingting look very into play, are very helpful for my creation. Er, Shen Sheng, Wu, our life is the three brothers, brother Wu will be some weird, but our emotions in the play is very sincere, for actors can help me to release the pressure." The same day, Zhang Hanyun, Guo Xiaoran, He Gang is happy to sing the song, Shen Mengchen laughed and said he is listening to the song Zhang Hanyun grew up, Zhang Hanyun bluntly said, "Zhang Yishan, where I grew up watching his show up." Zhang Hanyun also said with a smile, there is a princess hug scene, Wang Longhua hugged her twenty or thirty times before she put on, she never abandon.相关的主题文章: