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Book-Reviews I always wondered if there could be a way in which one could sit and mark the various moments of life. Like a chart, or a meter, or simply a method to jot down the plentitude that passes by with every second of our lives. And it was only very recently that the answer came flooding back to me. What if every moment of life went with a book in your hand. Then every letter on a page could be that milestone of the various moments. And then, all of a sudden, something else also came out and struck me! That if I were to use a book to mark these moments, then I would not just be using the book as a note of time, but also as a yardstick of the moments that I spent with it. And that how every moment would be pleasurable! That done, I immediately went to the online bookstore, and browsed through their million rich database and found some books for myself. These days the trouble is reduced thanks to online bookstores and the time reading books is far greater. And that is when I saw that my theory actually worked wonderfully through practice. Online bookstores now provide me with that wonderful outlet to symbolize and measure the moments of life, making every passing second memorable and beautiful. And after quite some time with the theory in motion, I realized that it was always the moments I spent with a book that kept lingering on my mind long after the moment was gone. Now my favorite haunt on the internet is the online bookstore, Truth be told, I can never get enough from this online bookstore and I can never get enough from the concept of reading books. Because it is here that life gets transformed into a miracle! Try it once, I am sure you will never regret it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: