Employees who buy iphone7 are patriotic to dismiss the chairman of the board-ghost observer


Employees to buy iPhone7 to dismiss the chairman: to be patriotic recently a company in Nanyang to buy Apple 7 or dismissal. The document mentioned that "let us more concerned about the health of parents, more love children, pay more attention to the value of life, the rise and fall of the country more care." The net friend expresses the understanding, also has the netizen to express too simple and rough. The company says it will reconsider the rules. @ ziqidonglai reality: full support, what people buy private supplies, you have a boss, let the government sell you not to buy, what do you mean! Besides, the domestic OEM and sales chain of the unemployed is not your supplies, tax reduction is not you give up really patriotic people to learn HUAWEI, dignified and imposing to win market acceptance, that is the right way, net all those useless… @ Dianke niche: so windows to me, OK? You want the money? If you do not support the national goods, you are not a pirated knight, thank you. @ silent scent: a apple mobile phone only a few thousand dollars, let us die Rebecca Rebecca 2456 noisy: those who say such companies do not worth mentioning, even if not to buy Apple mobile phone again? @ running rabbit is: it can be proposed, but it should not be mandatory, even the most basic concepts of human rights do not understand, the chairman of the old cadre style of work? And the demand for supply and demand is spoken by the market. Does the trend of historical progress be blocked by individuals? This kind of business operator lacks the foresight and the overall situation, and does not stay.

员工买iPhone7就辞退 董事长: 要爱国近日南阳一公司规定员工买苹果7或遭辞退。文件提到,“让我们更关心父母的健康,更关爱孩子的成长,更关注生命的可贵,更关怀国家的兴亡。”有网友表示理解,也有网友表示太简单粗暴。公司称将会再斟酌规定。@紫气东来真人:吃饱了撑得,人家买什么私人用品,你个老板管得着么,政府让卖你不让买,啥意思!再说,国内代工和销售链条上的人失业了是不是你给养,相关税收减少了是不是你给补,真那么爱国,学学人家华为,堂堂正正的赢得市场认可,那才是正道,净整那些没用的。。。@电科小生:所以windows要我钱了,ok?要你钱了么?要了你就不支持国货了吧,没要你就是个盗版侠谢谢。@寂静的香味:一个苹果手机才几千块钱,让大家吵的死去贝卡贝卡2456:那些说这样的公司不干也罢,那么就算不买苹果手机又会怎样?@奔跑的兔由:可以倡议,但不应强制,连最基本的人权概念都不懂,这董事长老干部作风么?而且供需由市场说话,历史进步的趋势岂是个人可以阻挡的?这种企业经营者缺乏远见及大局观,不呆也罢。相关的主题文章: