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Ella Selina on behalf of the class "masked" pregnant "stunning beauty yaoezi" exposure guess jury 20:30 tonight, Jiangsu TV will sing "masked guess" ushered in the new digital Jin sing shock concert, Na Ying, Selina rushed buildup, guess jury composed of the strongest lineup, full of surprise! Look funny "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon" seconds away, provoke guess jury collective molested installed, you continue to pack!" "The king asked me to Xunshan;" against the most exaggerated mask has led Mami let guess jury collective ""! This week the big "strong complement", will undoubtedly be a music to play the songs sung in the extreme diversity, gluttonous feast. Ella Selina announced the pregnancy is highly recommended to Hebe generation class masked "masked" yesterday, "sing" masked guess assessment panel members Ella officially announced the pregnancy, Slide Show and with the text said: "to this I can not hide the personality, this thing really to suppress my miserable!!! Time will come to share with you, it is because I hope everything is stable to share with you, and now is the time! I want to tell you loudly: I’m pregnant. That moment really is "scared" too big "surprise", because everything came too suddenly, sitting on the sofa for a while just wake up, thank you has been a blessing, we want to become a family of four!! (father, mother, Boudin and baby) I’m so happy, so happy." And this period of "masked singing" will usher in Ella good sister Selina (Selina Ren) to join. As everyone knows, Selina rarely participate in entertainment, joined the "masked" will also sing for pregnant sister Ella class. Before coming, Ella with her strong "Amway" "masked singing", "she told me very interesting, encouraged me to her class." For the absence of Ella, Selina mischievously said: "this is not a good time to cheat Ella I said that he did not empty, perhaps mixed in the players inside, but her voice into ashes I recognize." For users who expect good sisters (Hebe Tian Hebe) to participate in, she is highly praised: "I first recommended her to sing, people always imitate others, I would like her to attend this interesting program." We will sing the vast beauty moth sub unitary moths identity ready? Na Ying that "the little prince" is so charming on the "masked" will sing in the show, singing "I’m not what yaoezi" with its beautiful shape stunning the audience, the intoxicating vocals is masked to the stage change unpredictably adds a mysterious Ella called "fairy"! There’s also a woman, voice is also just soft as well, who is she really? The problem of psychedelic "moth" to guess the jury and the audience of the hitherto unknown. Once the program aired, netizens began a lively discussion, "eyes, married with children a happy family, Julia Peng is undoubtedly", feel the quiet for a long time, the strength of female singers, Yang Yuying and Yue Sun have also been mentioned, even has been behind the scenes work rarely appeared Ye Bei has also been included in the "the yaoezi" candidates. With doubt, this week, "I am not what yaoezi" and "fairy tale!相关的主题文章: