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Ella responded with his bed: pudding is Jin Bao’s sister Ella and her husband and dog pudding photo Ella March belly to cook dinner very correct sitting dog "guard" baby Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on November 22nd, Ella (Ella Chen) recently confirmed the news of pregnancy, and published in the belly of the "Jin Bao" is a boy. Caused a lot of attention. Yesterday (21 days) husband Lai (Lai Sixiang) solutions were happy to take their dogs and "pudding" family portrait photos, the picture looks quite warm, because Ella did not expect pregnant in March and dog bed with a thing, a netizen debate. Rice Cheung last night out of the couple bed photo, dog daughter pudding sandwiched between two people, together with the birth of Jin Bao, a picture of the family seems to have a love of four. But this picture has attracted some users at the "pregnant women had better not and dogs to sleep", "the dog ran to the mother body bacteria do", but most users are on my own experience as a pet that sound, dogs have hit precautionary needle or health check can be set off, both said. In this regard, ELLA couple through the China research records, said: Thank you for your concern! We haven’t Jin Bao was born we cherish life, is really a blessed child, pudding is Jin Bao’s sister, is also the first baby of our one family, we all thank you for your blessing, now we are all very good, very happy!"相关的主题文章: