During the National Day visit Changsha city park scenic traffic information please see here (video)


During the national day to play Changsha scenic city park here original title: play scenic city park traffic information traffic information please see here Changsha police released National Day during travel to remind the car, with the number of parking spaces and the peak information Changsha evening news the long National Day holiday, many people will go to the city park, scenic spot. Yesterday, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment released the city’s parks, scenic self driving travel alerts, including the number of parks, scenic parking spaces and scenic peak warning. The martyr park botanical garden please park your car in the periphery of Hunan Martyrs Park: Park East Gate has more than and 100 parking spaces. Near the east gate of the Mengzeyuan road due to subway construction, normal traffic, but prone to congestion, if congestion occurs when the proposed bypass Xianghu road or Liuyang River avenue. The South Gate of the park has 50 parking spaces, parking lot social Simon West, Dongfeng Road and surrounding Yingbin Road, prone to congestion. Peak area for the daily 9: 00-18. Du Fujiang: Ge National Day Orange Island fireworks show will attract many people and tourists come to watch the fireworks, time is October 1st 20: 30-21: 00, as the best point of view of the Du Fu River Pavilion will be captured head". Near the Du Fu river has 120 parking spaces for public parking, in addition, the public can also stop the car in the vicinity of the mall and then walk. Traffic police reminded, do not intend to stay to watch the driver, as time in fireworks to avoid the Orange Island Bridge, Xiangjiang road and Xiaoxiang road. Hunan Forest Botanical Garden: every holiday, the surrounding Shaoshan Road, traffic is very large. Botanical garden can stop about 200 car, drove to the underground parking Tongcheng Commercial Plaza car to the near field. If Shaoshan road congestion occurs, you can bypass the hole wells Road, Wanjiali road. South Park: the surrounding traffic is expected to generally smooth, surrounding the park has 50 parking spaces. Orange Island, Sihu, please take the bus subway Orange Island Scenic Area: planning a ground parking spaces 289, Beach Park parking spaces 200. But during the holidays, Orange Island Scenic Area 7: 00-20: 00 prohibit social vehicles into. Traffic police suggested that visitors can take the bus, subway, you can also walk into the Orange Island scenic. Window of the world and the underwater world: the window of the world can be stopped before the window, but during the national day to play more people, the police suggested that we try to take the bus to. In addition, October 1st is the peak period and 7 days out of the city, 31 road traffic is heavy, suggest you avoid it. Sihu: Mei Mei surrounding billows Fang commercial street 120 parking spaces (all underground), taohualing scenic 100 (to the ground). However, the peak hours (2 pm: 00- PM: 6: 30) around the road congestion, it is recommended to take the subway. Mount Yuelu zoo, please avoid the peak period of Mount Yuelu scenic spots: Yuelu, Shandong gate has 120 ground parking spaces. But every holiday, the east gate of the scenic parking lot are in short supply. The police suggested that tourists can be parked in the scenic Tianmashan Peach Lake, arch mouth and other places, and then walk to the gate area of the mountain. At the same time, it is best to avoid the peak when the sand相关的主题文章: