During the national day of city management is not slack fully protect the city clean actv


During the national day of city management is not slack fully protect the city clean during the national day, city, district urban management departments adhere to problem oriented, further consolidate the achievements of early management of city Chuangwei rectification, to further strengthen the management of the city is not slack, urban management system of cadres and workers in close coordination, conscientious, guarantee the appearance of the city clean and standardize management order, provide a neat and orderly, joyful and peaceful environment for the public holiday. Before the holiday, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau requires careful arrangements, city, District Urban Management Bureau to strengthen supervision and inspection system, strict discipline on duty, strengthen the management of the city is not slack, to ensure that during the National Day holiday city management work in normal operation. During the festival, city, District Urban Management Bureau adhere to every day by a leadership team members led to the central city road patrol inspection, the primary and secondary roads, square garden, pedestrian street and other key areas and site inspections, strengthen the focus on the appearance of the city, all kinds of public and commercial publicity lane, bulk goods and construction waste transport and throwing the wind, illegal construction and other aspects of the supervision and investigation. To further increase the mechanization of washing operation, artificial cleaning and garbage collection frequency, vigorously carry out the retail stores shop operators, mobile vendors Jeeves remediation, give full play to the role of digital urban management, timely and properly handle the masses of the people and the calls to all complaints, ensure the festival city management does not relax, realize the city management work normally operation, the city clean and beautiful. During the national day, there are more than 1800 in the urban management staff in the city center every day, has more than 120 business shop renovation, cleaning mobile vendors Jeeves more than 210, to investigate violations of bulk cargo transport and sediment transport vehicles nearly 20 vehicles, remove dead waste of nearly 100 tons, 2230 tons of garbage disposal of Qing Yun; digital city management city management center received a total of 970 cases, closed 912, clearance rate of 94.02%; received social management cases 34, closed 34, clearance rate of 100%. (reporter Hu Yumei special correspondent Zhou Huping) sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: