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Du Ling Backstreet Zhengzhou 16 private cars were cut with a sharp object – the new network reporter Tian Yuchen the morning of September 18th, the Zhengzhou city dock Du Ling Backstreet on both sides of the 16 car was cut with a sharp object. Currently, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Jinshui branch has been involved in the investigation. September 18th morning, the reporter saw at the scene, the incident is on both sides of the old district, on the north side is a demolition site, parked on both sides of the street full of private cars. Among them, the south side of the street 11 car body appeared sharp scratch marks, scratches on the north side of the car has 5 cars. Reporters at the scene found that the intersection of the street at the junction with 2 monitoring, but because there is no street lights at night, surveillance images can not see. I hope the relevant departments can make the street lights, so that monitoring play a role, we can sleep at night a sense of peace." Hou said nearby residents. According to nearby residents said, although Du Ling Backstreet business district, but because of the shantytowns, has no lights. In the past 2 years, it has 8 cars smashed glass, many vehicles were classified as "big face". After the incident in September 18th, was the first time the owner of the car alarm. K provides clues to Mr. Liu remuneration 100 News Hotline 0371-96211相关的主题文章: