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Web-Design Are your prospects intrigued and easily guided toward a conversion goal? They should be. Eighty % (or more) of your customers (according to research*) will visit your site before they consider doing business with you. If your site is either poorly designed, badly organized, or cluttered, or features content that isnt .pelling, you will have trouble making successful conversions and may in fact damage your brand. A successful Web site is about marketing, generating revenue, and maximizing brand equity. A highly effective Web site should be crafted by a team of knowledgeable, creative business and marketing professionals, copywriters, graphic designers, and programmers. The benefits of your services or products should be clearly seen with the use of crisp, clean content and imagery in an attractive format with easy-to-use navigation. An ever-changing online environment New trends, technologies, expectations, etc., demand that your site be interactive and constantly updated. Having a static site is a sure way to end up in the Web site wasteland. Customers want to see new information, news, reviews, products and services, success stories, blog entries, press releases, pictures, and more. Google places a high value on pages that are updated frequently and on newly added Web pages. To keep up with the rapid pace of technological change and customer expectations, ImageWorks has a full suite of Web tools and ideas to enhance your online image. Click here to get a quote. A customizable approach that works for brand exposure and search marketing ImageWorks has watched the Internet emerge as a new media and grow from a novelty to the worlds most influential marketing and .munication tool. We have used our Web design and marketing experience to pioneer new ways to brand .panies using both traditional and new media. Our newest platforms use a four-zone design system that will maximize your online messaging, improve exposure of your services or products, and dramatically increase conversions. This approach will give your .pany a distinct edge over your .petition. To learn more, contact us. All sites are NOT created equal There is a HUGE disparity in Web design and coding among various Web sites. Given the abundance of template-style sites and Web shops with little to no marketing or design expertise, it is hard for .panies to realize the value and impact that a well-designed Web experience can have on customers and on the .panys sales. Millions, maybe even tens of millions, are at stake. This is no time for acting like amateurs or pinching pennies. At ImageWorks, our goal is to make our customers money, not cost them money. A Web site is, in most cases, primarily a marketing and sales tool. For a site to maximize sales and conversions, its essential .ponents should be created by a team of experts in marketing, branding, programming, and design. The Web sites ImageWorks builds are HIGHLY customized, not only to our clients, but to their target audiences. Match your prospects buying process with your sales process Seems simple, yet very few sites ac.plish this goal. Most sites are created from the internal point of view, the inside reality, or what we call the inside out approach. This reflects how a .pany perceives itself, without the benefit of the prospect or client perspective, which creates a disparity in the sales process. In most cases, this approach confuses and frustrates customers and results in a poor click-through rate, or CTR. ImageWorks focuses on the external point of view and assists in designing a Web experience with relevant content that your customers can interact with and benefit from. We focus on persuading prospects to take the next course of action in a buying/information cycle. Create an extremely effective Web site and watch your sales rise! People visit Web sites with a goal in mind: to learn more, to buy a product or service, to be convinced or reassured about something, to register for information, or for any one of a number of other reasons. By understanding your customers goals and motivations, we can create an intuitive experience to match. We can convert visitors to clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: